Yellow Camaro Driving Simulator – Rebaixados Elite Brasil #13 – Android Gameplay

Rebaixados Elite Brasil is a Brazil-inspired demoted car game where you can customize your car and character!

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► Lower your car to the floor!
Do not forget to refuel your car at the gas station so as not to run out of fuel.
REB is the game that has the most modification options on your car and character.
✔️ Completely detailed car models.
✔️ Customize your car all. (Car color, wheels, glass)
✔️ Change the color of the Xenon
✔️ Drive from a first or third-person perspective.
✔️ Car interiors in 360 degrees.
✔️ Many interactive elements in cars (Ex: opening car doors, hood, lowering windows, opening trunk, turning on windshield wipers).
✔️ Realistic Physics.
✔️ Day and night mode.
✔️ Filters for the camera.
✔️ Character in the game.
✔️ Various accessories for the character. (Shirt, glasses, cap, shorts, shoes)
✔️ Turn up the bass of the song.
✔️ Music gets muffled with the trunk of the car locked just like in real life.
✔️ Multiple wheels for your car.
✔️ Choose the size of the car wheel rim.
✔️ Neon in the cars.


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