Trevor’s Back in Business | GTA 5 Action Film

Hi guys! Trevor raged again! This time it decided to rob the armored car. He succeeded. But one of the collectors called the cops. The chase started. I think you know what happened after that.
Pleasant viewing! I hope you like it.

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Jingle Punks – Blank Holes
Houses of Heaven – Escape
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  1. مخزن المنزلة للأدوية says:


  2. sans déconner tes vidéo donne envie de jouer

  3. Wow.. I didn’t realize GTA and it’s consumers were this stupid.
    1) a pistol that held infinite bullets
    2) an armored car without run flat tires
    3] a helicopter that just disappeared.
    4) A hundred cop cars and not one cop sharp shooter
    5) knobby tires on the motorcycle with over the top maneuverability and control on hard pavement.
    6) a get away in a Cessna 310…. But the cops didn’t have more air support ….. and air traffic control wasn’t in the loop although dozens of cops and civilians were killed
    7) where was double secret probation Ultra Man and Godzilla fighting Scooby Do and the Grinch?

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  5. hola buenas noches de porque no Abla español

  6. i dont like the gun part it is far from real life as they put it even when he pulled the rifle you dont see where he carried it much less the game needs a some work

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