Top 7 Racing Games 2022

2022 has started – so what racing games can you expect? We show you the top 7 racing games to look forward to in 2022. Among the best racing games, you can expect titles like Gran Turismo 7, Grid Legends and more!

Which game are you most looking forward to in 2022? Let us know in the comments! 👇✍️


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  1. No info about Assetto Corsa 2, upcoming Indy Car and Nascar game?

  2. Please Codemasters, give us VR in F1 2022, you did it with Dirt 2.0. Surely you can do it for F1 2022. It's about time we had VR in the official F1 title. I'm still using mods with AC for my formula 1 fix.

  3. super excited for the new Test drive
    Hong Kong will be an excellent place to cruise at night

  4. I bet new Forza wouldn't be released this year, again.
    Turn 10 these days are pretty much trash. Despite of how they're handling the community. I can't track how many people got banned for no reason or/and false reason by that Karen community manager.

  5. I do think it is unfortunate that we don't have as big of a car list on GT 7 s we did with games like 4-5-6

  6. I am looking forward to Forza Motorsport cus its been ages. And also ac2

  7. Just saying but GT7 needs over 1000 cars to be the most in its series.

  8. My dream is for codemasters to make a AMA motocross game…

  9. I personally can’t wait for forza Motorsport. I have a ps4 but it won’t be much of an experience playing gt7 on that so at least I’d be able to play Motorsport on pc

  10. 4 words I dread when it comes to F1 2022. “More influence from EA”. You made this sound like it was a good thing.

  11. Motorsports Games BTCC will be really bad. Just look at Nascar21. Dont get your hopes up for their titles.

  12. I want to hand wash and detail my cars! And apply ceramic and polish too….

  13. Grid legends because it doesn't take itself seriously, and it looks more exciting and colourful compared to Forza.

  14. What happened with Project CARS 4? Last we heard of it Ian Bell claimed it will be the most realistic simulation ever made, with some really stunning screenshots of the game, then SMS got bought by Codemasters, Ian Resigned as CEO of SMS, and it all went quiet, for over a year now. What the heck happened?

  15. Bro GT 5 had over 1000 cars but all wasnt premiums

  16. I have ps5 and next wanting series x. They just showed off GT7 and completely disappointed. Poor graphics, physics everything and it's online only game,meaning you can't play SP without been online. It's ps4 game that also works on ps5. Joke. Forza 8 is the only hope.

  17. This game has everything to go right, from what I've seen the gameplay, the background of the screen and the scenery are fast in movements, the gameplay is easy in the part of keeping the car on the track without losing control, including the easy-to-maintain curve drift the car in the curve without losing the high speed exception, it is as if the game were a simulator and at the same time an arcade, because what gives pleasure is having an arcade-style game, that gameplay that gives you pleasure to play in not being difficult while maintaining high screen speed. Summarizing from what I observed in this gameplay, it follows a NEED FOR SPEED (RIVALS) style in the style of a ferrari f12 car.
    And speaking of NEED FOR SPEED RIVALS, this game is from 2013, apart from the bugs it's the best cat and mouse game, if electronic arts is smart and creates a NEED FOR SPEED RIVALS style game, with the same gameplay, it won't be for anyone, it will be the newest competitor in the arcade-style racing game market.
    Understand one thing GRAN TURISMO can be beautiful in the graphics, but its gameplay of keeping the car on the track in a curve with a half-slow screen is shit, garbage, it doesn't even have drift and if it has it's very bad to keep the car skidding hitting walls a lot. That's why I play NEED FOR SPEED EIVALS to this day, but this time I'm going to give this GRID LEGENDS release a vote of confidence.

  18. Gt7 online only? Fuk that, don't see the point in new f1 every year, acc update ok dakar sounds like it could be ok forza never played it looks too boy racerish don't know about the motorsport version either iracing money pit for the rich sim racer rather buy all the content in raceroom £51 as opposed to paying nearly £3000 for content that they state isn't yours plus subs every month.

  19. My list for these games:

    Forza Motorsport
    Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown
    Need For Speed (if its a most wanted remastered)
    Gran Turismo 7
    Dakar 2022
    Grid Legends

  20. Wreckfest 2. Imagine hauling your car to events, swapping parts online, sabatoging other cars at risk of being caught and dq'd or banned from events, actually painting your car and endurance racing. Yay!

  21. man I'm really hyped for GT7 and I don't even have Playstation lmao

  22. Can't believe test drive wasn't on most people's list. Im personally very hyped for it.

  23. I pre ordered GT7 on PS5….96gb just for the PS5 version, I didn't download the PS4 version…I'm so excited for it….I'm playing that Grid Legends a bit, have a 10hr free trial through EA

  24. Grid Legends definitely better than Grid (2019). looking forward to forza horizon 6 in 2023.

  25. I wish i had a good pc to run iracing but iracing is great of the vids ive seen

  26. I have a question about GT7 that always annoyed me in the previous titles….. is Porsche in this title? Or Huf? 🤔
    (I’m from the UK & Always hated that!)

  27. My list of these racing games
    Forza motorsport 8
    Test drive unlimited 3
    WRC 11
    Dirt rally 3.0
    The crew 3

  28. Who the hell wrote this piece? GTR3 died long ago, Motorpsort games has only made 1 game and that's NASCAR 21 and was atrocious, RF2 and Kart Kraft are the only other 2 games they javelin and they were made way before Motorpsort games came around and so how do they have a good track record? Guys. This is horrible journalism. This is like a 12 hear old wanted to make a click bait video. Do better if you want to he taken serious. Oh and if the list is about games for 2022 then why are we mentioning games from before and after? Lol. Jesus

  29. No more frosbite engine especially for f1 game , i will not buy nor interest if they switch game engine current game engine is good enough maybe they need to upgrade it just like transition between f1 2014 game to 2015

  30. I want a top of the games between 2018 to 2022 the best tuning car games

  31. What a load of rubbish you say.

    What about the brutal aspects of these social experiment products?

    What about the refusal to do stuff and allow you to do stuff?

    You try to make these nasty little things into cute fuzzy little nice things.

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