TOP 6 New Racing Games for Android 2022 • Top Car Games for Android • High Graphics

Today’s video is for the Car Racing lovers. I have compiled a list of 6 Best Realistic Racing Games with Next Gen Graphics and Realistic Racing Simulation you can play on your smartphone. The list is not ranked, just pick the one you fancy, download and enjoy!

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Game list:
1. Heat Racing

2. Turismo Nacional

3. Hyper Takedown Race

4. Super TUX Kart

5. Racing Master

6. Driving Speed PRO

Make your picks and Enjoy!❤️


  1. Unfortunately driving speed pro is not free. It has so many paid assets, but it's a fantastic game in my opinion
    Nice video

  2. Best game option channel and you never clickbait!

  3. Bro new car simulator game : parking master multiplayer 2
    You can upload new video …❤️🥰

  4. Thank you for these awesome games!!!
    You never dissapoint me!

  5. YouTube is excited of the release of CarX Street that they thought it's in the video so they put it I'm the description lol

  6. Cool list! Hopefully most of these games functions good in my device

  7. Bro racing master game are release in android

  8. It seems Racing Master beta only got released because of Carx Street. I'm not even waiting for it anymore. Real Racing Next doesn't seem to be coming out either.

  9. Hey apk portal one question is it safe to download the racing master apk

  10. always waiting for you to upload❤️
    you show us the best games ever keep it up👍🏼

  11. Nice video I am from India love you ♥️👍😍

  12. Shout out for me please 😀😍♥️

  13. Plz give a shout out big fan bro I'm following you since your beginning 🥲 Love from India

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  15. I love you video always show what game ia the beat pls shotout me

  16. I'm a new subscriber can you upload car crash game

  17. Anyone else watching from Kenya. Love ur vids dude

  18. Never Get disappointed from you Love From Macedonia

  19. I am a big fan of your channel I love your videos!!! Please see this 😊

  20. did you see that discord drive it was removed maybe you know why?

  21. When carx street will be release in Android ??

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