TOP 6 Driving Games with Realistic/Heavy Traffic for Android & iOS 2022 • Best Car Games Android

Today’s video features some of the best open world driving games with the best traffic system on Android & iOS 2022

Game list:
1. Car Parking Driving School
Android: Not available

2. Parking Master 2 Multiplayer

3. Bus Simulator Indonesia
iOS: Not available

4. Bus Simulator Max

5. AAG Police Simulator
iOS: Not available

6. 3D Driving Game
Playstore link:

iOS: Not available

Make your picks and start playing.. Happy Gaming and Remember your thoughts about these games in the comments are always appreciated ❤️!


  1. Which was the game that you played in intro? (Chapters section) Pls tell🙏

  2. Which game are you playing in the start ?

  3. Is there a set up to use a gaming racer wheel for iPad instead of your hands

  4. What was the first one that came up on the screen first

  5. The last game is available on playstore, why the apkpure link? Btw damn man I love the first game so much. Wish we had it in Android

  6. Sᴏᴠɪᴇᴛ Uɴɪᴏɴ #winterisback says:

    Tired of finding heavy traffic game ?

    Play washiez at roblox 😂

  7. Bro love your videos keep up the good work ❤️❤️❤️👍

  8. Thats cool bro 👍👍✨✨
    But i dont have very much stockage
    I have only 30gb and the total is 32gb
    So thats it
    Keep going to your videos bro 👍👍❤❤

  9. This is gotta be one of your best lists in your channel, been looking for games like these for a while and even until now. I'm also having a good luck because today I will go to my grandparent's house and they have wifi there (I use data, that's why) anyways lovee the list man!

  10. Truck simulator Online China 2022.10.8.

  11. Your games are always stupid

  12. Bro please make a video on Vietnam car simulator ❤

  13. This was a Great idea for a list. Great list And I Definitely found my game.

  14. the last in the is 10/10 heavy traffic game

  15. The optimization of bus simulator max is soo bad to be honest.

  16. I want more like this because all of them are not for my phone because my phone had low spec so is not support

  17. Hi I'm from India 👍 i watch your all video

  18. Quick question. What's the game ur using in the intro

  19. Bro are you complete mission to buy super car or mod

  20. I hate you coz man ! You confused me what should I download in my mobile man very genuine man I found on entire world +1 sub. Oh yah can you tell me your background music name that name is "moments by ______" I don't know the last name

  21. what is the game in the intro please answer asap!

  22. Хорошее видео, отличные игры.
    Good video, good games.

  23. What was the game in the start of the video, I know it’s a pc game

  24. What is the name of the game that u didn't say name when u were driving audi

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