Top 5 Most Popular Racing Games in 2023

I was curious as to what most people were playing in 2023, while I’m on Gran Turismo 7, Need for Speed Unbound and Forza Horizon 5… what about the majority of the PC market in 2023?
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  1. Do part 2. I liked this, good brainstorming for different reasons for different games.

  2. GtaV is fantastic racing wise. But if Rockstar wanna really lean into car culture, they should really give us a racing focused online mode.

    I'm sick of having every car meet ruined by a jerk with an opressor.

  3. I think unbound is a good game but if you beat the story id recommened heading straight to multiplayer so the game can feel more alive and challenging

  4. Fun Fact: In snowrunner, awd actually uses more fuel than rwd just like in real life!

  5. My only gripe with almost any racing game now is the lack of VR support. Honestly, if a racing game is still being aupported at all in 2023, VR should be included. The Quest 3 is coming out in the next 6 months and PSVR2 has seemingly done fairly well. I might soil myself if FH5 gets a PCVR update

  6. You should do a video on the modding on asseto corsa, on like how to do it.

  7. There needs to be more racing games with soft body physics on the cars.

  8. Im not surprised with need for speed payback or unbound or heat not being in the list

  9. do the 5 best racing games on playstation

  10. I feel like I just got a harpoon go through my brain hearing GTA V at number 1.

  11. Surprised you havent delved into Snowrunner before. Honestly such a satisfying game to play, one of my favs with so many hours to my name. Even better with co-op as well. Granted I have it on Epic because when it came out it was only on Epic. Probably my fav on the list

  12. I miss the outro music . bring it back mate >_>

  13. Snowrunner is like Death Stranding Car version 😂

  14. GTA stunt races and 99% impossible parkour races are some of the most fun I've had but I just love gta

  15. Assetto Corsa is perfectly playable on a controller, it takes a bit of time to build your controller profile and if you are going to use FFB scripts etc but more than playable.

  16. i want you to do a youtube version of top gear 1.5 mill subscribers, you should be able to organize some collaboration with car manufacturers

  17. forza horizon 5 is just perfection u know

  18. I wouldn’t consider snow runner a race game, you’re not actually racing

  19. Panthaa, I need to thank you for recommending Assetto Corsa. I was debating whether I should try to get into sim racing and this was clearly the best decision that I have ever made. This game is just too fun and every single car has it's own thing. the most unique car that I tried was LaFerrari by far the most slippery car when you are flooring it's take off.

  20. Honorable mention to Assetto Corsa Competizione, it hit its peak last month with the latest update

  21. What was the map hewas using on assetto corsa?

  22. Hol up how are you going to fit an aventador V12 in a Hurricane frame ? soryy for misspelling

  23. Yeah I'm one of those people who doesn't consider GTA a racing game

  24. You should do some more snowrunner vids that game is very addictive oddly enough and MANY hours can be lost

  25. Out of all these GTA5 is on top ?? Really 😒

  26. Do you have any updates on the newest Midnight Club game please is it coming out or is it canceled or what

  27. You can go on for hours in snow runner fr 😂

  28. Got Gran Turismo 7 last week and already I AM BORED of it.. the game visually is beautiful but playing wise it’s mundane. Going to buy a used Xbox series s this week and get Forza Horizon 5.. playing it on Pc is ok but console 10x better

  29. @2:35 I understand that in the UK maybe that is not the right truck for the job, but trust me in the western part of US/Canada where there's lot of oil and construction companies, that is the right truck for the job lol

  30. Using your controller's gyro as a steering wheel in Assetto Corsa is also impressive

  31. Everyone running the no hesi servers on assetto corsa.

  32. It’s funny you ask about what the pc market is playing, at the moment nothing as they’re all trying to figure out a way to emulate the ps5 on pc so they can play gt7 😉😉😉 when they’re all just wasting their time and should have just brought it all months ago, stupid masterrace, they’ve come so faraway from what it was all about, gaming

  33. hey tell us how to download them for free too …..

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