TOP 25 RACING Games on Nintendo Switch !

This video is about top 25 racing games on Nintendo Switch that is available now and you can buy it today!

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  1. 3 нормальных игры только , остальное бред за такие бабки

  2. What's the difference between SnowRunner and MudRunner. Not a lot of snow in the clips of the SnowRunner game.

  3. My top 10
    10 Nickelodeon Kart Racers
    9 Cars 3 driven to win
    8 Team Sonic Racing
    7 Hot Wheels Unleashed
    6 Nickelodeon kart racers 2
    5 Beach buggy racing
    4 Mario Kart live home circuit
    3 Asphalt 9 legends
    2 Crash team racing nitro fueled
    1 Mario Kart 8 deluxe

  4. Nice video but if you put time stamp , i think will be helped your viewer

  5. Rush Rally 3 and WRC are two good ones also

  6. I play NFS hot pursuit and Monster Energy Supercross 3..thats great

  7. Didn't play the crash team racing on switch, that's why I don't get why the low score. I personally remember the originals in high regard

  8. You only need to play one, and that one is mario kart 8 deluxe.

  9. Awesome 😎 ❤️ racing games. Team Jesus winning 🏆

  10. Pretty sure it's not a switch game or switch version of a game on the thumbnail 😂

  11. 80's Overdrive is a really good game for old school players

  12. Grid seems to be the only game worth picking up

  13. 90% games looks like free to play games from PlayMarket, very bad with racing games on switch

  14. I really want to get Redout or Fast RMX some day! Also, I really wish the fantastic Sega Ages ports of Outrun and Virtua Racing had been mentioned in this list!

  15. When F1 finally appears on switch…😪 ? Grid rullez!!!

  16. For me, Hot Wheels Unleashed does for me now what my imagination did for me in the early 80s

  17. Car X Drift Racing is missing here. NFS and GRID as well as Car X are the best racing games that aren't similar to Mario Kart and the Knockoffs. One game to stay away from even on sale is SUPER STREET game is straight 🗑️

  18. I love the Switch, or as weird people tend to say every time the Nintendo Switch. Driving will NEVER be preferable on a Nintendo console while it chooses to be the weakest in terms of capability.

  19. Need for speed remastered is the NO. 1 no marrio Kart, no crash tag team, n8 sonic kart is even close to N4S… Burnout remastered is NO. 2 and Hot Wheels is also in the top Lage list for me

  20. Rise has SO MUCH POTENTIAL, but the actual racing is so janky

  21. When are we ever gonna get a 2xtreme from ps one reboot?

  22. One of the top racing games for the Switch is Beach Buggy Racing 2. But, evidently it doesn't have any metacritic reviews. Has an 80 on NintendoLife.

  23. Hello, and I am not a standard geek, in my wonderful, free, independent, strong country called Ukraine! I play and test all possible games for this console from the Internet. Like 2D, 3D, on my channel, you are welcome please. Let's see what kind of Nintendo Switch emulator it is for an Android smartphone or tablet. Attention! on a smartphone with Android, called Egg NS. So this is not the same experience of owning a console, however, something. And the games on the console are much cooler, but not on Android. There are definitely such games for Android, they are quite good in my memory Racing Master, CarX Street, if it is true, these games will not be released very soon. However, they will be released, because there was already beta testing of the third Racing Master game. However, the games even through the Nintendo Switch emulator, which is demanding, will not launch MK11, Mario Kart 8 Delux, Super Mario Bros Delux. In principle, it is able to run all other games of the console and it is not bad enough to emulate them not with the best fps, graphics, banks, departures and still. I will say in the end that only one paid emulator will cost $ 4 a month. Well, it is not so and cheap fun, but if you really like Nintendo Switch games and you have a smartphone with a chip starting from Qualcomm 778G and more modern, from 8GB-12GB of RAM, you should try this emulator. For those who have CPUs from MediaTek G80-G96, Denensity 1300 even do not try. This emulator is broken hidden under Qualcomm chips with an Adreno video accelerator. However, it does not work well on the Demensity 8000-9000 chip. However, there will be bugs in the graphics, crashes. The developers of the Egg NS emulator add interesting things in updates, and games that did not work start working on it. install the current version of Egg NS 3.1.1 for August 4. Otherwise, some games will not work and will not be displayed. The emulator supports the format of games in nsp, xci. It does not support them in other formats.

  24. Trials rising is really good, entertaining, good music, I recommend it, just buy it when it's on sale

  25. why does it seem like the footage here of Wreckfest captured on the switch some how runs smoother than the last time I did on the PS4…

    Did the PS4 version also get some kind of software patch to help this?…

  26. Code Masters should take that team they got from SONY sometime ago and make a knock off MotorStorm. it's what people thought a certain game they released was going to be, and then it wasn't close. Very sad.

  27. Para comprar diras. Asphalt 9 es un juego de maravilla

  28. Nintendo switch is garbage lmaoooooooooo

  29. la imagen del vídeo es del juego Forza Horizon de Xbox pc …..🥴🤔

    Se marcó un "Sony" …

  30. Wishing for older NFS (2005 Wanted) or Underground or even Midnight Club ❤️❤️❤️😎

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