Top 10 Racing Games

Tom Vasel, Zee Garcia, and Mike DiLisio take a look at their top 10 games about racing, zooming, and speeding to victory.

Intro – 00:00

Mike 10 – 04:48
Zee 10 – 07:24
Tom 10 – 10:03

Mike 9 – 11:54
Zee 9 – 14:50
Tom 9 – 18:22

Mike 8 – 20:50
Zee 8 – 23:22
Tom 8 – 26:22

Mike 7 – 29:00
Zee 7 – 32:31
Tom 7 – 35:35

Mike 6 – 37:30
Zee 6 – 40:20
Tom 6 – 42:05

Mike 5 – 44:52
Zee 5 – 46:21
Tom 5 – 51:20

Mike 4 – 53:56
Zee 4 – 56:47
Tom 4 – 57:21

Mike 3 – 59:34
Zee 3 – 1:03:00
Tom 3 – 1:05:46

Mike 2 – 1:07:42
Zee 2 – 1:09:33
Tom 2 – 1:12:38

Mike 1 – 1:14:30
Zee 1 – 1:15:40
Tom1 – 1:18:12

People’s Choice 1:19:50
Outro – 1:26:25

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  1. Would love to find a copy of "Expedition Northwest Passage, " seems like that would be a winner for my group.
    My top 5 Racing Games:
    5. Fireball Island
    4. Jamaica
    3.Survive! Escape from Atlantis
    2. Camel Up
    1. Tobago

  2. Holy cow those Down Force tracks, racing through board games is an incredible idea.

  3. Some I love but weren’t present.

    Road Kill Rally

    My all time favorite racing game and LONGGGG out of print


  4. Deck building race game theme suggestion: dressing with suspenders. 🤪

  5. Literally started designing a trick taking deckbuilding game about 2 months ago where you are racing to reach a goal rather than scoring points! stop giving out my ideas Zee! lol If I managed to get it published i'll send you a copy.

  6. Cannot believe Circus Maximus was not on someone's list! Best racing game ever!

  7. Parker Brothers Formula 1 was the game my family had, required such strategy. We even made our own tracks and had a championship.

  8. I backed Rallyman GT, which is my first race game. After this list, I'm kinda regretting my purchase.

  9. I was expecting Zee to mention Last Aurora, a proper racing game with some cards and some worker placement…

    Downforce was an instant turn-off for me, the way on the standard track you just need to get a car to go fast and a second car to block everyone in the first chicane bottleneck. Then bet on leader all game, who will win anyway, finishing first and getting more points… Pointless to me, played once, never again.

    Soon to come: Megapulse should be a fun Wipeout / Mario Kart style of board game !

  10. The next gam on my list is a modern classic.

  11. Tom, you'll need to play Apocalypse Road. It's Thunder Alley but the cars get to shoot each other.

  12. @Zee Sudoku Dice is a great trick taking game with a (dice-)draft at the beginning. You reviewed it 2 years ago ^^

  13. Moments

    Note: Throughout the video a wardrobe malfunction

    A Race By Any Other Name

    Equistrian Misdirection

  14. The intro "sort of a race deck building" discussion led me to believe someone would have Clank. I'm not sure it's a racing game, but it certainly can be.

  15. What? How in the world could you not put Automobiles, the bag builder, on this list? I call foul.

  16. Steampunk Rally is my favourite racing game, closely followed by Robo Rally and then Jamaica.

  17. Man, I still have my old Formula De copy of the game from 20 years ago!

  18. My favorite racing game is Race for the Galaxy. I know it doesn't fit the criteria, but it's in the name? Does that count? 😄

  19. I'm making a trick-taking deck-building game! Zip Zap Zop 😁🤩

  20. 51:10 wow Tom…. I have stood beside you for years, and agree with most of your opinions but this controversial take is one I must object to….what were you thinking stating something that would cause such controversy. I expected better….. 😉

  21. Down force and Jamaica are my top racing games. Jamaica moved on as the children got older. Downforce has stuck around due to the expansions which help change it up.

  22. How do you like Um Reifenbreite but hate Flamme Rouge???

  23. Does Istanbul count as a racing game? Racing for gems. My family loves it.

  24. Wait- Tom remembers the Mysterious Cities of Gold!!???? 😍 I often feel like 80s Nickelodeon was gaslighting me! No one remembers this show.

  25. I feel that Steampunk Rally doesn't get enough credit in this list. I'm glad it did get a mention, though.

  26. Love Northwest Passage – great choice!

  27. Powerships is possibly simpler than Powerboats, BTW.

  28. Anybody consider Can’t Stop as a racing game?

  29. Camel Up and Downforce are so both excellent for sure.

  30. El Dorado means The Dorado is like saying Los Angeles mean The Angeles. 😆

  31. How is it that none of you know about Red White & Blue Racin' from PLAAY Games? Fun NASCAR game that is completely different from "roll the dice, move the player around an oval track" type of racing games.

  32. El dorado didn't invent deck building, it came out in 2017 and dominion came out in 2008. Mike is so wrong

  33. I was totally expecting to see Fast Sloths on Tom's list

  34. What about Dodos Riding Dinosaurs :)?

  35. An older game, the Great Space Race, based on the cartoon space race is a blast. It suffers from a setup/teardown issue, and there are ways to break it during play, but my group always had fun playing it.

  36. Great Top 10. Really surprised Flemme Rouge didn't make any list though.

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