Top 10 OPEN WORLD Car Games Like Forza Horizon For Android & iOS | High Graphics

If you are looking for the Top 10 Open world car driving games like Forza Horizon then this video is for you because today I have covered those racing games that features a vast open world map like Forza Horizon & deliver outstanding racing experience on mobile, so watch the full video & download link in description.

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Best open-world racing games like Forza Horizon:-

Horizon Driving Simulator

Rally horizon

Turbo Tornado

Racing master


Car parking

CarX Street

Drive Zone Online

Need for Speed mobile
Coming soon

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  1. Rally horizon isnt open world? Or it is

  2. How do I get Racing master I have Samsung s22 ultra

  3. None of this game are compatible with my phone

  4. ‏لا تنسى لعبة ( Offroad Outlaws ) استمر محتواك جميل❤

  5. Another good game like FH is Racing Xperience! You should check it out guys!

  6. Na i rlly thought carX street was gonna be 1:(

  7. Car parking multiplayer the best car game in phone. I love this game 😘😘😍😍😗😑😚😙

  8. CarXhighway Best Graphics Gameplay experience

  9. You're my hero! I didn't know all these amazing car game's where on android. Keep it up g!

  10. In my opinion, no game machine has come to nfs no limits so far, of course, this is my opinion 💯

  11. Next:10 Offline/Online realistic games like BeamNG Drive for Android and iOS

  12. Bro, try the street king, it an open world racing game

  13. Bro not all of them are open world
    Most of them are limited only in racing

  14. The only game similar to Forza Horizon is Carx Street.
    Other games are shite on this list

  15. need High graphics offline games plz❤❤❤❤

  16. Who is like me watching so many videos about best games but plays none of them

  17. Bro next offline highgraphics offroad games pls 😔😔😔

  18. Racing master n'est pas encore sorti il me semble

  19. even youtube thinks the game or games in this vídeo are forza horizon

    great work as always

  20. Excited to see in this was should be fine

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