TOP 10 Best Driving Simulator Games for PC to Play in 2023!

In this video, we’ll be counting down the top 10 driving simulator games for PC to play now in 2023.From the latest release to the rare gems of the old. So sit back, relax, and get ready to discover your new favorite driving game! Don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe for more countdown videos and gaming content.

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  2. The best driving simulator are GTA games

  3. as a professional racist i love all kinds of racing games for PC and console

  4. City driver has to come to ps5 bruh like its really good

  5. Can I have the link for ets hand mod version 1.46

  6. Das erste lässt sich gut sehen, und CityDriver der Rest Müll!

  7. シ︎㋛︎random things & stuffኗꁅ山ꫝʞ says:

    Can you please send link of the games beacuse i cant find them on the Google store

  8. I wonder if there will be transport in extime primal menace? hmm

  9. i dont think any of these are "Simulators". Do they even support driving hardwares?

  10. Rev to vertex would of been a great game if they would make support for direct drive wheels.. so tired of people neglecting them and making “wheel support” around Logitech and other brands with dumb ecosystems. I want higher end direct drive wheel support brought into more games.. doesn’t make sense why the developers spend so much time developing a fantastic game with real roads and scanning techniques to mimic real road texture and then neglect the higher end wheel bases that would bring all this work to life

  11. PET PLAYTIME | Android Gameplay & Animoji says:

    🤩🎮 This game looks so fun! Can't wait to try it out. Mind pinning my comment? 🎮🤩

  12. City Car Driving is the best of all if you want the realistic driving simulator. My opinion

  13. TDU Solar Crown not happening anymore in 2023, right?

  14. Still hoping CityDriver will be free❤.It has very realistic graphics

  15. Traffic Chase, Drift King are not simulators.

  16. What is the game called in ,,Introductions"?

  17. Ok, so basically there are no car simulator games in 2023. Thank you for video

  18. I cannot understand half of the video 😅

  19. you call traffic chase a simulator ? so inrealistic game XD

  20. Drift King doesn't have MILLIONS of players 🤡🤡
    And you don't even have AC(C) or ETS2 in this top 10 👎

  21. Forza Hohizon 5?
    BeamNG Drive?
    Snow Runner?
    So hä?

  22. The best driving simulators is Euro Truck Simulator 2.
    American Truck Simulator.
    Snow Runner.
    And Bus Simulator 21.

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