This is the MOST REALISTIC car game ever

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If you read down this far I love you :)))


  1. Can you do Night drifting in BeamNG as well :). and meaby include m5 e34

  2. Since you lost to the GTR we need a new drag project car

  3. Brian jumped over the Slapjack not Suki

  4. 8:50 what was the song when u turned into the driveway i remember it from a racing game, i forgot which one

  5. I’m not going to end on a bad note, still ends In a bad note

  6. Coolkid be blessing us with these hour long videos 😄😄

  7. love the videos but please more irl videos on the irl channel been missin them lately😭

  8. Going 350 did not spin out, best driver ever😂😮😊

  9. Na continue swearin my brotha u killin me when u be sayin those🤣🤣

  10. he never said gt3 gabe was trolling him hard 🤣🤣🤣

  11. Sup family! Really feel your energy bro keep ot 💯


  13. The do a edit BICH gets me every time

  14. keep getting fake bots msging me instead of the real coolkid 😞😥, loved this one, Audi looks smooth to drive👀

  15. Does anyone know how and from where he get most of his mods? Awesome video too!!

  16. 330 mph (528 km/h) in the BMW….🤩 Wowza!

  17. i wanna see him play and rate roblox car games that would the funny asf

  18. I keep saying "yes I did" or "do an edit" 😂

  19. YESSSS I DIDDDD ! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🎉

  20. Genuinely curious how bro is such a god with the wheel on beam, I can’t even drift around a corner in beam on my g920 wheel😂

  21. Midnight club 3 San Diego map would go hard

  22. Yea bro you need one of the chairs that react to every movement 😂😂😂

  23. so a helpful tip to help get traction, turn the rear wheel tire pressure down to between 13 to 9 PSI for the drag tires. this should help a bit.

  24. I swear hes got the same intro every time and I love it

  25. Great video as always, always entertaining, keep it up. 👏👆

  26. Make more Beam videos for sure you have my vote.

  27. I love your videos man next time u should drive a durango 🥷🏽

  28. Yo i need gabes view of u taking off 😂😂

  29. I just clicked on the video named “MOST REALISTIC car game ever” trusted him, immediately sees a cop flying off a garage roof.

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