This 11 year old game is BETTER than most NEW car games!!!

I was so happy to see how much you guys liked the TDU 1 vid so as requested, here’s Test Drive Unlimited 2!!! So much nostalgia with this series man it can never get old to me. I’m just praying Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown continues the legacy. Love y’all!!!

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If you read down this far I love you :)))


  1. you should play car macanic sim 2019 or older or newer it will be so much fun

  2. For me this game is tooooooooo realistic, some of the npc's car give the fake signal, like they give left signal but they get into the right junction 😂

  3. Alt+Enter to get it full screen

    U're welcome

  4. I bought the game 4 years ago from steam. Played for 2 years and I could sell or swap the places of my cars and also could see the dlc cars appearing in the showrooms. But for the last 2 years I can't sell my cars unless my garages are full and dlc cars are not appearing in the showrooms. I remember I could get the dlc cars with using the car list glitch.

  5. my man was freestyling to the radio damn!

  6. TDU has turn signals??? I been playing this game on the 360 since I was like 6. Had myself pulling up to the airport in Ibiza to pick up my mf imaginary family.

  7. Tokyo Xtreme Racer 3 had turn signals and hazards and was released in 03

  8. Midnight club LA definitely has a wheel option bro! Currently playing it now

  9. Oh TDU2 childhood game, cool to see you enjoying it!

  10. I used to be stuck in the damn casino but I loved this game

  11. This dude said he's 58 💀 bro looks 30.

  12. 13:43 9 year old me in 2011 vibing to the store music for 3 minutes straight

  13. You are 100% right about this game!! This game is still awesome!!

  14. how can i still play it online with friends?

  15. MY Favorite car in the games was the corvette c6 2010

  16. This is why I can’t wait for Test Drive Unlimited 3 (Solar Crown) coming next year January.

  17. This game was crack back in the 360 days and still is 🔥

  18. Instead of remastering like modern warfare they need a remaster This

  19. Yo there a tdu 3 coming out won't spoiler it but it fire by what I saw

  20. I remember when I used play this 24/7 as a kid I love this game

  21. The music is not hitting that hard what are you talking about

  22. That was funny when he hit him 😂 the look on his face

  23. I played this when it first came on Xbox 360 years ago I have it on ps3 now. New one got delayed to next year it’s really sad because it was going to come out next month in September

  24. Coolkid 58 fr, mans is ballin’ on the retirement benefits 😂

  25. I’m also excited for the servers to come back online for the playstation@3!

  26. I just wanted to say THANK U <3 it was ur channel that made me decide to play the dreaded genre of "racing games". I thought I would suck at it, first racing game I ever played was Cruisin' USA 🙂 oh memories, and I was pretty darn good at it. However, now, being blind in my left eye, I can't drive in real life anymore and I sorely miss it. I miss my 1982 Monte Carlo (non SS) – long hood, real steel, maroon on the outside and maroon on the inside. R.I.P. to my car. I had old Thrustmaster pc steering wheels (I'm mostly a PC gamer) and I tried out the Crew 2. I got hooked. Then I bought the dreaded Forza 4& 5 (cuz I don't like to support Microsoft)…however I started having fun in those too. Your channel showed me the "City Car Driving" game, and I liked that more since it was just driving and not focused so much on racing. However I've learned I'm still pretty good at the racing bits, in Forza 4, 5 and Crew 2 I have gotten quite a many first places. 🙂 So being hooked on those I splurged on the Thrustmaster GT 300 RS for $500, and luckily, for being a low income single mom, Amazon let me buy it in monthly installments 🙂 I LUH <3 this steering wheel, dunno if I'll ever go back to another one that isn't motorized. This game looks like a PERFECT fun time 4 me for just driving around and it's really cool u have an avatar and apartment/home. Sad they abandoned the game of Test Drive Unlimited 2, but SUPER happy we're able to actually still play it 🙂 Thank u so much for sharing, and also, thank u for giving me all sorts of belly laughs throughout the years. U rock! 🙂 Keep on drivin!!!! Hugz!

  27. It's not first . Live for speed has signals from more than 15 years.

  28. aye bro. they makin a new one called tdu solar crown

  29. Графика конченая. В первой части было всё нормально. Нужно было доработать.

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