The Most Realistic Street Racing Server!

I joined the most realistic street racing server which has heavy traffic. This is the famous No Hesi server in Assetto Corsa. Using my Thrustmaster T300 steering wheel and an H-shifter. @TheSLAPTrain1 races on those servers a lot so I needed to try it out. The AI traffic cars are pretty realistic as well, huge variety. Sometimes the traffic cars glitch and bug into trucks but that’s the only issue I noticed.

Outro song: Nightwalker – Splasher!

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— My PC stats:
Graphics card: GeForce RTX 3070
Processor: Ryzen 9 (4,8GHz)
Disc Space: 1K SSD


  1. What is the game called n where to download

  2. I wouldn't say it is the most realistic, my wheel rattles like crazy when it is centered which probably shouldn't be happening on a real car

  3. That’s not street racing lol it’s cutting up

  4. When I move to America…..this how my driving energy going to work😅kiling highway driving down pull over lane In traffic trying get to work😅

  5. can anyone help me which assetto corsa is he playing? is it the competizone or the normal one

  6. I drive faster and better than you daily in my VW all the way to my work
    And without crashing lmaooo

  7. 1min 50 of repeating the same video and audio. Trash

  8. My g do me a solid what’s the difference between this and the ps5 one I’m new to this game and I don’t want to spend money on the ps5 one if it on some gran Turismo type stuff. Is this a PS4 console version or is this the PS5 one

  9. For some reason the F&F trucks arent really in the servers anymore sadly😢

  10. Im from future you are gonna get moza racing wheel (direct drive)

  11. I took 4 hours trying to set up the mods and they still dont work

  12. What game is this? What do I need to get to play it ?

  13. I wish I could play this, but I only have 8 GB. I’m sad because I can’t play it🙁☹️

  14. Dude you are literally the most annoying ytber I have ever listened too.

  15. What car was that it looked magestic to me

  16. Whats ur pp filter and graphics settings

  17. Bro 3 days ke bad logout horaha ha
    How to get pro👾

  18. is this g37 a paid car? I can't find it in the official us servers just bmws

  19. this guys real life annoying as fuck

  20. Question of the day: If you were a street racer, what would be your car?

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