The most realistic drift game…

The most realistic game for drifting has always been the only and only BeamNG. Hopefully one day we get a similar game with good physics and crash damage, until then, BeamNG it is! If you want to submit your own drift clip, follow the info below.

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Outro song: Nightwalker – Splasher!

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  1. who thought it was a good idea to make the gauges in times new roman?? lol

  2. 7:17 Need for speed Underground is now an abandonware so u can basically downlowd it for free and legally

  3. drifting in real life is too expensive… im not a white suburban American

  4. That mobile game that your asking about is called apex racing

  5. the secret to beamNG drifting is to use street tyres not sport or drift tyres

  6. if any one can find me that mountain/ togue map for carx a 6:12 i will give them a kiss

  7. 0:40 looked like the game i played at the arcade but different

  8. Oh yea btw if you try drifting in gran turismo it’s just so hard

  9. почему тут один англичане?

  10. Goosiest – I just came from outside and it looks worse . Or maybe i need glasses. lmao

  11. So real turning wheel in 200 ms by 720°. U should play normal games such as LFS.

  12. I think you will double your subs if your 2 yrs old kid will do 360 entries and drift better than you 😂

  13. what's up with all the keyboard beamng clips bruh shit looks goofy as hell

  14. this guy reposts the same video every day "most realistic game"

  15. What's the idea behind realism if you don't need it.

  16. Oh haha. That is my clip at 1:28! I'll be sure to send some more interesting vehicles going sideways.

  17. 11 year old me rn drifting better than most beginners:

  18. Hey goosiest i have a question is the no hesi mod on assetto corsa or assetto corsa competizione??

  19. What game was that roblox one at the start

  20. "the graphics are worse outside!" – Goosiest

  21. 2:13 was that literally crazy Joe’s head? The driver from the old Sega arcade game “Crazy Taxi?”

  22. I think that Forza Horizon 5 could look better

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