I’ve made up my mind… This is hands down the best car game of all time. There’s no debate for me at all. TDU 1 was the greatest experience I’ve ever had and this brings back those feelings for me but on a different level. I’m super grateful for the AC mod community. Thank you guys!!

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If you read down this far I love you :)))


  1. is this normal assetto corsa or competizione?

  2. U look like the German Tuner JP Performance wtf haha

  3. somebody pls tell me how to get these exact mods

  4. It’s sounds like it’s snorting like a pig😅😅😅😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. the lamar part got me laghing forrr reaaal dawg

  6. Always saw your clips on tiktok didn’t know u had a YouTube channel bro I seen u and never subscribed to someone as fast what a game

  7. Do you play Assetto Corsa Competizione or regular Assetto Corsa?

  8. Can I do this with my ps4 ? It looks like you got it modded for pc

  9. the porsche sounds like an rb 26

  10. Which asseto Corso is this is it the one with the orange hurricane P, or the one with the red Ferrari FXX K

  11. 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 . Are you a human or alive

  12. I was dying when you we're doing as if you crashed with the car :') 10:45

  13. Holy FUCK that Porsche gave me an eargasm. Is the game with mods or something? I thought it was only official racetracks? Never played this game but I'm definitely gonna try it out.

  14. anyone can send me link for the car he uses in this vid?

  15. bro this dudes reactions to him crashing are awesome lmaoo

  16. Can u get the mods or PS4 cause i been trying to since I can't afford a PC


  17. I want this game. Do they have this for pc

  18. This game got that ol school Gran Turismo vibe

  19. This game has potential. Its not the cleanest of graphics but it has a good base to start with. Looks like a beta game. The sound of the cars are not the best, they have to be more realistic. It has good points in the fact the cars are genuine manufacturers, but the game needs cleaning up for sure. It's a stretch to call this the best car game around.

  20. I dont understand if thus game was from 2014 how do you have those cars??

  21. clicked on the video because we have the same profile pic

  22. You're the first person I have watched more then 10 mins straight without scrubbing through the video content. Great work!

  23. every time you crash don't bother posting the vid

  24. how can i join this server with these type of cars?

  25. Jajaja but the best game it's call Forza 5

  26. this game only good with mods and rly good with wheel

  27. I love your videos brodie keep it up

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