Testing Out the GTR on The NEW TRACKS in Car For Sale Simulator 2023!

Testing Out the GTR on The NEW TRACKS in Car For Sale Simulator 2023! Today we are checking out this new car dealership tycoon game on steam. Car for sale simulator 2023 game in detail, you can buy and sell vehicles in the town and you can sell more vehicles by establishing a vehicle gallery and developing your company.

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  1. Can u get a box truck and paint the cab chrome and the rest gold

  2. What kind car do you want to add in this game?

  3. This game I from made be in the aus cuz that where the driver skate is

  4. @CamodoGaming, will Cars for sale 2023 be available for Xbox 1?

  5. You should buy a truck and jack it really high paint it pink and put small tires on it (if you can)

  6. Could you start the storm chaser series with OB again

  7. I’m glad he’s keeping the gtr, he needs to keep it until he at least finds another

  8. I wish they would make it so you would see the cars you sell driving around the town

  9. I have been waiting for 2 episodes to see you squat the truck cmon man

  10. Try over pricing when you buy a car and see what happens

  11. im excited to see how the multiplayer will play out

  12. Mate, weren't you told, you never go full metallic. You might break the forth wall and become a Mandela effect yourself.

  13. And by the way, you didn't cast a reflection in the paint of that van. Are you a vampire? I suppose you are an in-game car dealer.

  14. I can’t wait for Camodo to play multiplayer and race. Great new update!

  15. supra is so good and you dont care

  16. i didn't get the gtr in auction yet but i got the rx7 and it's a amazing car

  17. Ahh yes golden food truck burning my eye’s

  18. Hey Camodo. I really appreciate your content! Keep up the hard and amazing work!

  19. if u did know but there is rusted and broken cars by the scrap yard, you can fix em but yeah just a look out

  20. I started the game and can’t make no money at all it’s so hard

  21. camodo i love this game where do you find it and how much is it

  22. Can you PLEASE keep the old red BMW and get it to be as dirty as possible please. Thanks

  23. I honestly love black rims, they are so cool.

  24. I can’t wait for the update

  25. Comodo I have this game and if you sound is bugging out turn down the master sound then turn it back up and it should work make sure to save the changes

  26. i am NEVER playing car for sale sim again bc black jack is rigged i lost 114k and it was all my money

  27. where do u get this gameee is it on microsoft?

  28. Camodo do you think that you can wash a car at the neighborhood?😅

  29. I love the new car and sold the car for a lot

  30. i am kind of disappointed that you cant actually drive the tow truck like i thought at first. but i cant wait for multiplayer to come out and to see how you and ob would get along in this game.😂

  31. Buy the most useless car and do the most upgrades to it

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