Spaghetti: The Final Boss of Racing Games

This is a Trackmania Custom Map with 700 Checkpoints. It takes 2 hours to complete 1 lap

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The Map:


  1. This feels like trying to find a bathroom in ur dreams

  2. this is almost certainly one of the circles of hell.

  3. Distinct difference between seeing RT and Wirtual doing this track

  4. Imagine this race,,, but like a marathon on foot

  5. POV: your electricity in a cluttered power line.

  6. “I’m just that good” *crashes and flips over

  7. America be like add one more lane, that'll fix traffic

  8. This is how rainbow road looks to newbies

  9. ngl, im tempted to make a monstrocity like this myself
    but i would make it longer

    and have stuff like jumps to make your time that much worse 🙂

  10. I tried using my GPS to navigate this Yoshi Valley on meth, and that's how I learned technology could have an aneurysm.

  11. The racetrack equivalent of the backrooms ladies and gents

  12. @RTGame u should see if GRAYSTILLPLAYS wwould run this lol

  13. This is the racing equivalent of the Backrooms. Massive stretches of familiar-looking structures, but they keep going on for miles and miles, seemingly infinitely. And it’s a miracle if you meet someone.

  14. The only map that requires an answer to the ship of Theseus problem otherwise you'll get disqualified for changing vehicles mid race

  15. In utah, there is actually an area where several highways cross over/under each other, and it is literally called the spaghetti bowl.

  16. The infinite Ikea and Spaghetti get into a fist fight; Who would win?

  17. I think the search party needs a search party.

  18. My kitten liked this video, she kept attacking the phone screen 🙂

  19. The cruelest way to do it would be to put all the checkpoints in rapid succession at the end. Just miles and miles of empty track until you reach it.

  20. Man, this video feels so surreal. I was questioning wether it was just a dream or if it actually happened so I had to search it up. I'm glad it is.

  21. This reminds me of when my wife would finish a level in Rollercoaster Tycoon, she'd save and leave it to me with a TON of $$$$ and I would build a go-cart track that went around the entire park and through each of the rides. Usually over a mile and a half for a lap.

  22. This is how much track you need to run a nascar race where the track is unique theoughout

  23. 3:24 this ligit acualy hapened at the start of august, we where coming back from our trip and we where a a big city that we never navigated in amd we got lost twice, once going to mcdonald and the other om our way back from mc donalsa

  24. Did you know they used to call me The Drift King back in College

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