Smart Car Driving On A Mall Parking #13 – Cars Drive Simulator – Android Gameplay

Shopping Mall Parking Lot offers an opportunity to drive multiple vehicles of all shapes and sizes around the authentic-looking, immersive environment!

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► Android game:

► Show that you can make full use of your driving skills in this realistic parking simulator taking place around a lifelike Shopping Mall environment! Learn to drive all of 12 awesome cars, varying in size, performance, and handling!

Select from a wide variety of cars, covering all popular types. From an awesome American muscle car, through a sports car, a truck, a delivery van to even a long bus.

Immerse yourself and test your driving skills in this unique and enjoyable simulator. Feel the real pride that comes from accomplishing different tasks quickly and efficiently. Quench your thirst for speed but don’t afraid to step on the brake when needed. Remember – safety is as essential here as speed.

Driving the bigger vehicles is more challenging but also immensely rewarding. Get to know the area driving the more practical cars and you’ll be ready to complete all the challenges in the more demanding ones! You can treat each task as a lesson preparing you for challenges ahead. Whatever you do, be careful to drive safely and do not crash!


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