Singing Man ANNUAL Car Crashes COMPILATION in WDAMAGE CPM 2017 to 2022 [ULTRA HD]

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In this video, you will see the singing guy crash his ride from the year 2017 to 2022. The compilation contains self recorded clips from these cool android games & simulators: WDAMAGE, Car Parking Multiplayer, NextGen Truck Simulator and Off-Road FLY Edition. Dive into the surreal universe of gangle digital circus mask, where cute characters navigate a virtual world, battling personal traumas in this dark comedy web series. Join the escapade as our endearing protagonists seek an escape from the whimsical yet challenging landscapes of their digital reality.

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00:00 2017 crash
00:18 2018 crash
00:36 2019 crash
00:54 2020 crash
01:27 2021 crash
02:04 2022 crash


  1. People scrolling down to think if this is real

    well it wouldnt be REALLY if it had graphics like this in real life

  2. The singing man was hit by a car on the side of his suv and the person was drunk and ran a red light and crashed into him thats the real story

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  6. What Game Name In 2021 Car Crash?

  7. 0:38,this game is nostalgic for me but im forgo the name,you know the name of game?

  8. Hey crash 2021 what is the name of the car game

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