Policeman Ambulance Driver Simulator #2 – Emergency Rescue Truck – Android Gameplay

As a police rescue team member, your job is to drive city 911 police ambulance to deal with a different type of accident in real-time and rescue the injured peoples.

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► Drive 911 Police Ambulance to save precious lives. Different type of challenging rescue missions to complete. Drive 911 Police ambulance in city roads and rescue the injured peoples. Traffic accidents increased due to day by day increasing city traffic and hustle and bustle on city roads.

Pick up all the injured peoples before time’s end. When you pick up the injured people now it’s time to drive the rescue ambulance as a pro-police rescue driver and go to the nearby hospital. In this game, you have got experience of simulation, racing and parking game

Police Ambulance 911 Emergency: Rescue Driving Top Features:
🚑 Free to play
🚑 Offline play mode
🚑 Multiple police ambulance for playing
🚑 New ambulance driving game
🚑 Different rescue levels
🚑 Realistic ambulance driving controls
🚑 Multiple camera views
🚑 Various Driving control options (buttons, tilt, steering wheel)
🚑 Realistic traffic system


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