Police Sim 2022 – Police Crazy Driver City Car Diving Ganes – Car Games 3D Android iOS GamePlay

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➔Police Sim 2022
You can also go Undercover with a special set of challenges, unique to our next-gen police simulator. Feel the thrill of the car chase in the Fugitive mission or quietly drive behind the suspect car from a distance in the Follow mission. You can also complete Stakeout missions, in which you take photos of illegal activities.

Police Simulator Features:

◾ Amazing selection of different types of vehicles.
◾ Different police officers.
◾ Explore gigantic cities (4 times larger than before).
◾ 8 mission types with more coming your way!
◾ Realistic Controls (tilt steering, buttons or virtual steering wheel).
◾ Realistic vehicle features and physics.
◾ Visual tuning options and Police cruiser upgrades.
◾ Amazing next-gen graphics with weather effects, rain, fog.
◾ Ultra-realistic city traffic (cars, vans, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles).
◾ Pedestrian traffic makes the city feel alive.
◾ Career, Free Roam, Multiplayer plus milestones and challenges.
◾ Frequent updates to our police simulator game to keep it fresh and fun!
◾ Brand new missions and police cars coming in 2022.
◾ Request new vehicles or features on our social media.

#androidgaming #androidgameplay #cargames


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