Police Car Drive City Patrol Simulator 3D – Multi Floor Garage Driver – Android GamePlay #4

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Prepare for the ultimate driving and parking exercise! The new Multi Floor Garage Parking Game is bigger and better than everything that came before! With elaborate, complex parking lots and a huge, detailed outdoor environment, the challenge is here to keep you engaged for a long time!

– MULTIPLE INTRICATE PARKING LOTS: Explore highly challenging Multi Floor structures
– 10 VARIED CARS TO DRIVE: Sports cars, muscle cars, vans, SUVs and more!
– 50 CHALLENGING MISSIONS: Obstacle courses, parking lot mazes, outdoor driving tests and more
– FREE ROAM MODE: Explore the whole elaborate map at your own pace

The time has come for you to buckle up and prove your skills as a driver in a Multi Floor Parking Game! Crowded and complex parking lots, underground obstacle courses and city streets bursting with traffic – all of this and more awaits to challenge you. The authentic environment will keep you interested and engaged as you complete all of the tasks put before you with speed and efficiency.

The Multi Floor Parking Facility featured in the game is as intricate as they come. It will take you a long time to explore its every corner! Many surprises and challenges await you in this fascinating and lifelike environment. Buckle up, drive fast and drive safe! While speed is certainly the main factor (the faster you arrive and park at your destination, the better the rewards), you need to remember that finishing the course safely is as important.

Crash, and you will have to start the level from scratch… Or use a handy time rewind feature that lets you try again just moments before you hit the obstacle. While the car handling in the game is realistic, it also gives plenty of options to correct all mistakes. This way you will be able to learn to drive all of the available cars without pain!

The game features a variety of exciting and varied cars. Every car enthusiast will find something to their liking here! Some of the vehicles are small, fast and easy to drive, others are huge, demanding beasts that require precision and skill to operate. The ever-present variety ensures that you will always find something new and exciting to accomplish in the game. Show your skill completing all of the objectives, drive with confidence and reach the end of the line!

With each completed level you will earn money that you can spend to unlock additional cars and challenges. The better you do, the faster you will progress. Different game modes are also available to unlock, making the game an easier, more relaxed experience – you can get more time to complete your driving or make your car indestructible


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