PAW Patrol: Grand Prix – Race in Barkingburg – All New Tracks & Cars FULL Gameplay

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Ready, race, rescue! Compete with the world’s fastest race-pups on three new tracks in the Barkingburg Cup and drive six new vehicles, in this downloadable content for PAW Patrol Grand Prix.

Every race in historic Barkingburg is an adventure! Watch new cinematics, choose from new vehicles inspired by the “PAW Patrol: Ready, Race, Rescue” movie, and speed around medieval castles on your path to victory.

And with all the multiplayer fun, game modes and pups from the base game, including Tracker, Everest, Rex and the original PAW Patrol, no race is too big for these ruff-ruff riders!

NEW TRACKS – Speed around PAW-some castles and cities

NEW RIDES – Drive six vehicles from “Ready, Race, Rescue”

NEW TOURNAMENT – Race in the thrilling Barkingburg Cup


  1. PAW Patrol is your favorite animated cartoon game

  2. Hey ich möchte wissen ob es funktioniert paw patrol grand prix mit freunde ob man das mit 2 verschiedenen Konsolen Funktionen um die trophäe zu bekommen gewinnt mit freunde also mit 2 account und so


    Yes!!!! 😄😄😄

  4. I really hope they make an Adventure City DLC, with the 6 Movie Pups and Movie Vehicles.
    And above all, the addition of Liberty.

    And also some Mighty Pups DLC.
    Heck, even the Mighty Movie.

  5. Wow, nice DLC, but Rex is in a Barkington-themed DLC? He would have been better off in a DLC themed after the Dino Rescue gimmick with his spot given to Sweetie.

    Although it's nice that Everest and Tracker are finally playable.

  6. No Wonder Why Ron Said That The Streets of Barkingburg are Tight & Narrow… Boy The Game Developers Have Really Been Taking Notes from The Show

    I'll Say… Using Skye in Barkingburg is Gonna be a Challenge Considering That The Turns are Fairly Sharp

  7. 🎵We are the mighty paw patrol🎵

  8. I don’t find Paw Patrol game where?!😢

  9. LET'S GO, GO, GO
    Marshall, doing in London/Barkingburg Racing, without Mickey and his roadster gang in Barkingburg

  10. I have that kind of game thank you for letting me watch this

  11. Eww this game is absolutely dog crap

  12. Everyone knows that Mario kart 8 is better then that silly dog crap race game.

  13. I love how everyone is supporting this guy even if he’s like 17 playing this game

  14. Paw Patrol, ich mag das sehr❤ 😂🎉😢😮😅😊

  15. Hope we get a DLC Characters Ella & Tuck, Coral, Al And Liberty for Paw Patrol: Grand Prix.

  16. Bruh of course the theme song is in the background

  17. Catboy the cat dog boy ,s revenge

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