OffRoad Drive Desert #4 Level 6 – Car Game Android IOS gameplay

OffRoad Drive Desert #4 Level 6 – Car Game Android IOS gameplay
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One of the most realistic OffRoad simulation game with HD Graphics and FreeRoam Mode for off-road lovers. Drive real offroad vehicles on challenging Desert terrains requires different offroad Techniques to complete Levels and Unlock Maps and Vehicles for FreeRoam Mode. Enjoy the real suspension of vehicles and real Graphics like PC games. Physical Damage is also applied on vehicles so you have to drive carefully like real life Offroad driving to avoid Damage and complete Level, you can use Orbit camera to check each tyre is on accurate place. Maintain Traction on steep slopes to avoid FlipOver.

** Minimum Specs **
• Dual Core Processor

Game Main Features
• Time based Levels
• FreeRoam Mode
• Winch in FreeRoam Mode
• Day/Night selection in FreeRoam Mode
• 11 High Quality OffRoad Vehicles
• 10 Desert type challenging Large Maps
• Tune Game Settings for Best Performance and Smooth Control

Other Features
• Complete Levels to Unlock Maps and Vehicles for FreeRoam
• Select any Map and Vehicle in FreeRoam Mode
• Drive anywhere in FreeRoam Mode
• Rock Crawling
• Traction Control
• Roll, Pitch Meters
• 3 different Cameras
– Orbit Camera
– Internal Camera
– Follow Camera

Vehicle Features
• Real Suspension and Real Physics
• Real Graphics like PC games
• 4WD Gear for providing Power to all wheels
• 1st Gear for more Power
• 2nd Gear in combination with 4WD used for more Speed
• Physical Body Damage


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