NEW The Long Drive Car Survival Game has a MASSIVE Update! (Under the Sand)

NEW The Long Drive Car Survival Game has a MASSIVE Update! (Under the Sand) Today Camodo Gaming plays the new apocalyptic driving game like Jalopy.

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The Long Drive:



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  1. Fog is in The Long Drive, and realistically, it might be all a desert sees some seasons.

  2. Hey I think it’s a crazy sand storm or something like that

  3. Wow, why say this is The Long Drive when it is CLEARLY not, fucking click bait BS..

  4. i had to stop watching half way and get the game for myself.

  5. The Long Drive but using Synty assets? Aight.

  6. this is made on unity3d too like the long drive its so shitty graphic engine it can crash your os easly all those idnie games are on unity its hell i remember times when evryone do games on unreal engine 2 such bad optimization now all goes to this unity

  7. My summer car desert edition.
    I don't know what is harder:
    A: Take drunk Jukko from club at night time and survive running mooses on the road
    B: Take energy drink from abandoned super market and deliver it

  8. I dig the graphics more thank Long Drive. Looks cool

  9. Mmmm yes this is definitely Stormworks

  10. Yaaa the best YouTube back again with a new video

  11. Hi commodo can you play with scrapman please?

  12. Under the sand is now one of my most liked games

  13. Please play junkyard truck I want to see u drive the new motocross bike in game

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