NEW Realistic Car Game Released! – CityDriving 2023

First impressions gameplay of the new realistic car game called CityDriving. This is a 2023 game which supports steering wheels, realistic AI people walking around. Based on a real location in Germany, you have to do missions and follow traffic laws. I give it 8/10, It’s great but a bit too pricy for an unfinished game in my opinion.

Game on Steam:

Outro song: Nightwalker – Splasher!

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— My PC stats:
Graphics card: RTX 4080
Processor: i9-13900K
Disc Space: 2000GB SSD


  1. Question of the day: Which car would you take on a long road trip?

  2. The prices of gas is still soooo damn high even in a game 💀💀

  3. I wish I can play this game but i am on xbox

  4. Goosiest isnt gonna reply to this comment

    Why am i here in 26 secs btw

  5. Again first is it illegal to be so early?

  6. Make a video of trying Browser drift games

  7. To the person who sees this

    Take care… Read more

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