New JDM Racing Game releases in 2022!

New JDM racing game releasing in 2022 called Night Runners. We’ll go over the gameplay reveal and customization. You can customize your JDM cars with bodykits and engine parts. You can race on the highway with traffic cars. There are races with NPC cars as well. The release date for Night Runners is at the end of September 2022. Let me know what you think of this new game!

Outro song: Gill Bates – _91nova

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  1. will it let me drive in city? 🤔🤔let me know when it does.

  2. You also forgot to mention Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown – Which is set to Launch on Sept 22 2022. The legendary franchise is returning, and I'm hyped so much for it, as well as filled with hope that it doesnt shoot the franchise that TDU & TDU:2 took so long to build and left so many good memories for people.

  3. I really don't like the gameplay part. The FOV distortion is too much, this game need to be comfy.

  4. I made a video of Night Runners a while back. Can’t wait to play it

  5. i wonder if this the same developer that created Wangan Midnight on Unity Engine couple years back, and the drmo is still on youtube (i forgot the title of the video). It has a Red Toyota Supra Mk IV as a demo car (the game was pretty similar to Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune arcade game, but it has much prettier graphics and probably better physics).

    He probably made that project alone (or with a couple of friends on their free time). And he/they also released the demo version for a week or so, before he/they took him down

  6. I love the fact that the graphics look like an early 2000s NFS game, I grew up with those, especially the motion blur/speed effect reminds me alot of Underground 2.

  7. I want it to be like wreck fest. If my car hits a trailer at 120mph I want that $hit to blow up. I'm tired of this bumper car racing that you just bump kff everything.

  8. what is that song throughout the video though?

  9. fh5 could be this ez but forza dont understand car culture soo im gonna help small devs making games like this …

  10. This looks awesome, imagine if the game has wheel support!

  11. I like the PA rival challenges, it reminds me of Shutokou Battle/Tokyo Xtreme Racer.

  12. The soundtrack you put while you were talking is hard🔥

  13. This will probably be the best jdm game and they have actual prices and real up garage to buy parts love it . This is reall simulator

  14. i like the fogy washed out bulb tv look to the game

  15. i hope there's nfs game where the setting is in Japan

  16. You uploaded this video 2 months ago, yet every single social media page of this game has gone quite and the demo was supposed to be released April 23rd of 2022, yet where is it, also their Twitter page they have no further information about anything regarding the release of this game let alone a demo, so I call false advertisement on this video especially seeing that the makers of the game also have been quiet… Far as I see you're just milking a title that's probably never going to be released and the whole point of the title is clickbait

  17. what is the name of this game so i can search?

  18. I hope its VR compatible if so i might not think twice of selling my soul

  19. Is it going to release on Xbox One X and Game pass I hope so.

  20. all i want to is download this game and i dont know how can someone tell me how to download it

  21. did a fully built engine in Drift 21 in 20 minutes, if it takes you 2 hours you must be doing it very slow.

  22. Tbh I've never been that hyped for a game …ever.
    I've been following the progress for over 3 years now. There will also be a touge mode available as far as I know, but the main focus will be on Wangan street racing.
    I just hope it'll be released for PS4/5, too.

  23. Race cars camber the wheels because you spend more time turning than going straight, when you’re turning the camber goes less negative. So when you turn a car with cambered wheels the load transfers to make the tire flat, if it wasn’t already cambered you would load the tire to go positive camber and lose grip👌 stock bmw comes with rear camber

  24. It literally looks like Smokey Nagata recorded the racing.

  25. the filter and the fonts give me a ps1 game vibe and its sick

  26. can open gtx 1650 and i3 101100 8 gb ram drr4 ss 240 gb ? and game name

  27. オススメに出てきてくれてありがとう…買わねば…

  28. Question of the day: What's your honest opinion about this new game, and would you buy it?

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