My TOP 5 FAVOURITE Racing Sims In 2022

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  1. My top 5 is very complicated but from my opinion the f1 games are getting a little bit more realistic , and i'd like them to continue like this

  2. Honestly, if you wanna talk about simulators and beamNG. You might have to find a term for the other games. Driving emulators.

  3. ye, when u said dirt rally, i knew u were 100% commited to ur intro.

    £3000 sounds a lot, ive been playing for 3 years and just buying the odd track every month but flicking to another series if i ddnt have the next one has seen me own pretty much all of it i need, everyroad track, a car for every class and series. ye, not really missed the cost. just 12 a month for me these days. i piss triple this much away on a weekly basis

  4. I own a lot of the games in your list but I think personally I'd also throw Project Cars 2 in there somewhere

  5. For me there is no way on this earth I would pay a subscription model AND pay extra for in game content. IRacing can go jump.
    Assetto Corsa for me all the way for driving experience, graphics, sounds, price and content. It is the ultimate driving simulator

  6. lol you look like Richard Hammond in the video thumbnail and its amazing

  7. I can not support iRacing. Membership fee and charging you for every item like a mobile game. It's ridiculous.

  8. For nothing comes close to the sensation of fear that you get in RBR. Dirt 1/2 looks amazing but force feedback and the danger factor isn’t there for me.

    iRacing was good, was up there with RFactor 2, but after 1 year I stopped paying for membership as I wasn’t playing often enough to warrant a yearly fee.

  9. In my personal opinion, sales and deals and discounts or not, the price of IRacing is absolutely ridiculous. No one should ever have to spend $3,000 to play a video game. I wish someone out there would just make the one stop shop of racing and Sim racing in one game and get it over with. Go get the best, most powerful gaming engine out there, and make sure the game is 120 frames on new consoles, and maximum frames on PC, and 4K resolution, and make sure all the tracks and cars, inside and out, are laser scanned. Make the most accurate steering and handling and force feedback and tire grip model ever made, and you could call it….. "Wide World Of Motorsports. Maybe drop the game with two or three of the most major racing sports to begin with, like Formula 1, NASCAR, and IndyCar, and then in future downloads, you can add things like GT Racing, and NHRA drag racing, and Motocross with dirt bikes and four-wheelers, and snowmobile racing with snow-covered tracks, and power boats and jet boats and jet skis for water racing, and have performance aviation racing where they race those high performance planes through the arches and rings, and go kart racing, and superbike racing, and then you could do support updates to the existing racing games and add like Formula 2 and 3 and formula E and you can add Busch and truck and stuff like that to NASCAR, and you could have sprint cars and outlaw cars and legend cars and whelen modified cars, and then you could do a street legal download, where you add the street legal version of all the GT cars and all the race cars that are at least modeled after a real life car, and you can have specialty tracks like the Isle of Man for motorcycles ,and Pikes Peak for appeal racing and on and on. After a few years, you would have the most massive racing game ever created, and there would be something for every fan of motorsports no matter what. I would have an upfront charge for access to the game of $100 to $150, and then all of the future downloads would be free for everybody to play who purchased the original game. I believe $100 to $15 would be a fair price for all of that massive amount of content. Even if they sold the game at a slight loss, they could make up for it and then some with an in game store that had reasonably priced stuff like. custom car skins, and custom rims, and custom car stickers, and sponsors and you could sell optimum qualifying and racing car setups and so much more, and if this stuff is reasonably priced, then people would more than willingly open their wallets and spend extra money when they don't feel like they're being ripped off. I would make the prices like $1 for a sticker or emblem, $2 for a full car skin and maybe like $3 for an optimal car setup for a track.

  10. I'm getting into Sim Racing this past year, about to purchase a motion setup for a few G's but I still can't bring myself to 'enjoy' iRacing simply because the monetary model is so obscene it really feels like they're taking advantage of a passionate community. I'll support the dev of every sim in the market except them.

  11. Iracing requires continous usage in order to get your moneys worth, which competes with you using other SIM games, so that is a no from me.

  12. There is Project Cars 2 missing in the thumbnail

  13. 1. Project Cars 2
    2. Assetto Corsa
    3. Raceroom Racing Experience
    4. Dirt Rally 2.0
    5. Automobilista 1

  14. Unfortunately, for an oval racing fan, there really arent many options. Please help me find something that isnt iRacing. I cannot afford to spend more money on it. Nascar Ignition 21 is terrible. Heat 4/5 are not bad…but they are not SIMs. So as a NASCAR fan, I am struggling.

  15. I've recently got back into racing sims since playing games like Indy 500, which I think was out in the late 1990s. The sims I've been playing right now are Raceroom (drives me nuts with the track cutting penalties that I think should have been called off track, but that's mostly my lack of knowledge and experience), next, Copa Petrobras de Marcas (doesn't work as nicely with my xbox controller), then there's Classic Racer (so far feels like a bit of a grind to get the cars and tracks I want).

    And yes, I'm using a cheap Amazon special XBox 360 controller, at least until I can get some pedals and a wheel.

  16. do you know any driving sims? without just the track racing concept? like on the streets or in the woods or something?

  17. I have a real soft spot for ACC. Yes, it’s only GT3/4 But it does it So well. Not only that, if you have the hardware it Looks amazing. It plays fantastically well and the sound is incredible. I’d like try iRacing but it’s just crazy expensive.

  18. I agree with this, but it should be said that iRacing's model is not ment to buy every car and every track, it is ment to master a certain car in a series and then move on to another series / car each season. It is still expensive, but there are not a lot of people who buy everything (especially the dirt road / dirt oval)

  19. Jimmy Broadbent's Top 5 Favorite Racing Sims for 2022
    5. Dirt Rally 2.0 & Richard Burns Rally
    4. Assetto Corsa
    3. Automobliista
    2. Assetto Corsa Competizione
    1. iRacing

  20. I’m re downloading assetto corsa, in the hope that I can get my g29 working with game on Ps5. I tried before and the car wouldn’t turn and just slides off the track. Pissed me right off but I’m going to try changing settings and hope for the best 😭

  21. My list would be Raceroom, ACC, Iracing, AC, and Beamng drive because crashing is fun those are all the sims I’ve tried out so far so I could be missing something I would love to see a better looking Iracing almost like an Iracing 2

  22. i can't accept the pricing in iracing.
    they just can not charge you to play it and buy cars and track, i think it should be on of the two, not both…

  23. My list would be:
    5 – AMS
    4 – Raceroom
    3 – ACC
    2 – AC
    1 – rF2

  24. I know I'm a bit late on this, but "Raceroom Racing Experience" would be in my top 5.

  25. I like Assetto Corsa, iRacing and f1 2020 depending on my mood. Sometimes also a bit of Euro Truck Simulator 2. Raceroom is also cool.

  26. The iracing part fucking sucks. Like is the price to their work worth it or are they price gouging?

  27. My choices exactly except for iRacing, I wish that I could afford it, I'm sure I would love it. Surprised RF2 was No.1 although I really love it too but a lot of people say it's more arcade I figured you, being a "pro" sim racer would agree. Thanks for all your entertaining video's you provide, hope you get a lot of money!

  28. iRacing should be called Pit stop racing, i think it's one of the worst sims.

  29. The community support for Richard Burns Rally reminds me of Falcon BMS

  30. I want ACC to have the special endurance events like the 24hrs of Spa with a bigger entry field, fans camping next to the track, fireworks at night, … Same for the 24hrd of the Nürburgring, 24hrs of Daytona and so on

  31. I watched this video to see if WRC 10 would be mentioned because I've been thinking about giving it a look. Richard Burns made the cut but WRC 10 doesn't even get an honorable mention! I guess now I have to watch some more Jimmers content to see what he doesn't like.

  32. Also, Mr. Broadbent: next time you want to do a list like this, consider doing a tier list? That way you're less limited in what you can talk about AND we would get to hear you talk about sims you absolutely hate. That would be fun.

  33. What is the background music that plays during the AMS segment?

  34. I don’t know what games he’s saying. Does anyone have a transcription of this video?

  35. iRacing's business model is literally the only thing keeping me from jumping in. I'm not paying for a subscription, AND additional cars and tracks, especially considering how little you get if you don't buy anything but a subscription. I'm not made of money, and I don't understand how anyone could justify the monetization scheme.

  36. AC, GTR2 are my top two sims. I love Skinning and downloading mods. like Dirt 2.0 also. Love everything about Racing Room except for (no mods or skinning). Thats a big downfall in my book. rF, rF2, and ACC are big miss with me. I still have ACC installed and I give it a chance from time to time but something about it just does not Jell with me. I uninstalled both rFactor and both PCar sims, Ive given up on all 4 of the them. I have yet to try iRacing, and Automobilista 1 & 2. They are on my "one day im gonna try it" list.

  37. I like Asetto Corsa but what really REALLY lets it down massively for me is the AI, seriously stinks, they just act as if they don't see you and ram you off the track constantly. I stopped doing races vs AI in the end it was that useless which was sad as I liked all the retro F1 car mods I had installed and wanted to enjoy some old school F1 racing.

  38. ACC+LFM is becoming the number uno I think. It has the iRacing multiplayer goodness without the huge price and the top of the line simulation because of ACC. Only lack is the low amount of car classes, but that also makes the multiplayer experience more approachable because you can concentrate more in the one car class (GT4 is not that popular so GT3 only imho).

  39. $3k? DCS World also has about $3k in content, but they don't do discounts.

  40. R3E just needs Graphics polish and a bit more gameplay stuff like day night cycle. It’s so odd that you can have an 8 hrs + race but it’s the whole time the same daytime more or less

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