My Holiday Car | Red Sport Car, Green Jeep Driving | Android GamePlay #2

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➔ Enter a beautiful car and start a journey of your lifetime! With plenty of customization options you’ll be able to make the car feel like your own while you explore an amazing summer locale!
▶ EXPLORE A BEAUTIFUL AREA: Feel the summer breeze as you drive!
▶ 10 VARIED VEHICLES: Choose the one you love and take it for a spin!
▶ PAINT JOBS CUSTOMIZATION: Make the car your own!
▶ REALISTIC TRAFFIC: Authentic driving 🏎️
▶ 50 VARIED MISSIONS: Complete them all!
My Holiday Car features 10 varied vehicles that you’d love to have on your holiday trip. A fast sports car, a 4×4 and a luxurious cabriolet are just a few examples. You will take them all for a spin in a beautiful location , driving around in the early morning hours. The orange glow of a rising sun gives the whole environment a unique, charming look .
To help with the feeling of ownership the game features a customization options for your cars . Complete enough challenges and you’ll be able to change the paint jobs on them. You will be able to make the car look exactly how you like it and use it to cruise along the area!
Choose from a wide variety of high-quality cars. Every one of them you’d be glad to have on your summer getaway. During the course of the game you can learn to drive all of them safely and efficiently … Or just stick to the car you really love!
Drive enough in one of the cars and you’ll unlock paint job customization options. Pick your favourite colour and express yourself! And don’t worry – whenever you change your mind you can use the customization options to make your car brand new again!
Drive around a sunlit city on courses full of obstacles and surprises. Don’t take too much time admiring the view or you’ll crash ! Drive fast, feel the speed but be sure to stay safe! You don’t want to crash your amazing car. 🤩
The streets of the city you’ll be exploring are bursting with traffic. Be wary, especially on the intersections and roundabouts! ‼️ Don’t forget you’re not the only one driving around the area ! The others want to drive their cars safely too!
You have 5 different missions to complete in each of the cars. Learn to drive all of them, discovering their strong and weak points along the way! The more you drive the better you get at being fast and safe! Don’t worry if you crash though – our handy time rewind feature will help you in need.
The Main Game Mode is 100% FREE to play ♡, all the way through, no strings attached! Extra Game Modes which alter the rules slightly to make the game easier are available through optional In-App Purchases. Each mode has separate leaderboards to make for totally fair competition!


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