Lamborghini Huracan restoration – Car Mechanic Simulator 2021

I find of abandoned Lamborghini Huracan in junkyard and repair it.
Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 (MOD)

Mod creator:


  1. E vc podia pintar a roda de black piano

  2. Reqeuest modification exotice car . Like ferari

  3. I have a question does the console version has the same base vehicles as the pc or is it nerfed interms of the vehicles that are available or mechanics?

  4. Berkay Ama Nadiren Video Atıyor (^U^) says:

    It is mod?

  5. ohh nice good boy the lambo . same with me

  6. If i was a millionaire, i would have mixed Car Mechanic, with NFS. Instant Billions.

  7. Wow, this game is quite underrated, loving it 🙂

  8. Good work my friend, how can I get this game and is it available on the computer or on the mobile phone

  9. Wah,game bagus nih buat pembelajaran mekanik yg masih sekolah di STM.

  10. Всё хорошо, но звук мотора просто блевота. Неужели нельзя было с недорогих библиотек звуков взять нормальный – там и то лучше ведь.

  11. What is the name of this game? Please tell me

  12. You have good channel. big like from JM 963.
    always help others. keep it up.

  13. i remember content of goonzquad chanel

  14. The first time I was playing the game, really liked it. Start my first build from a barn find, rebuild the Entire car but a the end, I was missing something. I kept searching for the freaking silentbloc (didn’t know what it was at the time) I kept searching, finally found it after an hour😂

  15. It's actually a Huracan Performante.

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