If The Long Drive was a Horror Car Driving Game?! (Driving Home)

If The Long Drive was a Horror Car Driving Game?! (Driving Home) Today we are checking out the NEW indie horror car game Driving Home.


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  1. If you want to do more people playground videos, there’s no gore mode It’s either in gameplay or visual effects

  2. first time ob need to learn how to use a toilet more walking then driving

  3. You know for some reason, watching Comodo play a horror game was very entertaining to me. I hope we will see more from you.

  4. The gas light in my dads old truck meant you have 30 seconds to find a gas station

  5. If you like horror games and Jurassic Park, there's a horror game called Oakwood where you attemp to escape from a campsite that is overrun with dinosaurs. It is extremely scary and adrenaline provoking, I'm sure you'd like the game.

  6. camodo : “ohh yeah that’s… this is kinda creepy don’t flash a flashlight into someone’s house”

    also camodo : “oooo oh I can look in all these”

  7. I love spy cakes you and OB-s And. And your videos

  8. when your car says no fuel then your good for at least 30 miles. Emergercy fuel!

  9. No more scary games PLEASE I knew it what was coming but still…

  10. I hated that, horror games with a clear way of showing what to be afraid of are fine, but in this every second I thought something was going to jump scare.

  11. Camodo: "I don't think it will be over 10 mins"
    Video time: 10:12

  12. Day 18 of asking Camodo to play farming simulator 22

  13. I think driving home at night in the pitch blackness is anyone's worst nightmare when your car breaks down.

  14. I think it'd be interesting for you to play horror games not the way intended. It would keep the happy vibe of your channel

  15. I liked this. Play more games then just BeamMG storm works and bricks pls

  16. In every single horror game with cars, the headlights are ridiculously dim. At least keep your high beams on when driving alone in country roads

  17. This game is definitely horrific thank you for playing this camodo

  18. Cammodo’s driving a Mercedes while driving home

  19. "This is breaking and entering"
    No, you didn't break anything to get in, so it is probably just trespassing up until you stole the key then it became burglary or something like that

  20. should play it once more and try walking home lol

  21. Omg this game is so scary i wanna poop my pant's

  22. Hey Camodo can you do the old police car chases where you spawn cop cars and have them chase you plz

  23. Can you play more nerd summer car PC building club

  24. Camodo, that last moment was a jumpscare.

  25. Candido Cam you Make mode tiny town Video In a Zonnie City agawin Anne it 3.0

  26. He was just like "Yep there's something in the car with me ;-;"

  27. "I don't expect it to be over 10 minutes"
    Over 10 minutes

  28. Can you timecode the jump-scare? i know its coming.

  29. I am never playing that game. Way too scary.

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