I Bought The Cheapest Sim Racing Rig ON Amazon

Sim racing is as close to real racing as many of us are gonna GET! But it doesn’t have to be expensive. Thanks to amazing products like the Next Level Racing F-GT Lite and the Logitech G920 steering wheel, sim racing is now CHEAP! Check out the cheap sim racing rig I built from Amazon and see how I do in Forza Horizon 5!

Snag The Sim Rig On Amazon!
Next Level Cockpit –
Logitech G920 Wheel and Pedals –
Logitech G Driving Force Shifter –

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  1. he put the shifter wrong and then changed it without saying aything

  2. I have a boring stressful job sometimes. So after work I love playing games especially simulators. Im gonna get this and play American Truck Sim with this. I know that's a weird game to play but it's so relaxing to after work to just drive and deliver stuff. I look forward to it sometimes at work 😂 This setup is gonna have me IMMERSED.

  3. this video in my eyes is a complete waste of time
    He just builds a horrible simulator for about 12 minutes to do 1 drag race with 2 friends

  4. Has anyone used this setup via Virtual Reality aka Oculus Quest 2? Thanks

  5. its really cool but its actually over 600$

  6. You're playing in 3rd person view?!

    Wow, what sim racer you are.

  7. Why if you have a ten speed car in the game why then?

  8. I like it! this was a great video. I am interested in learning how to drive. Do you think this setup would help me?

  9. Has steering wheel, pedals and racing seat setup but plays the game from third person view instead of inside cockpit view? 😝

  10. This is a weird question but is there like a weight limit to it or does it support at least 300 pounds (No I am not 300 pounds)

  11. l it looks like a budget setup for like a kiddo

  12. Man I really Want the g920 or g29 for Christmas I would be so happy!

  13. Bruh I got this wheel it smells like a new bmw seriously

  14. I don’t think I’ve ever met a person so fucking annoying in my entire life. Hats off to you Sir you really accomplished something here.

  15. Hey sorry to say you put the shifter on wrong in the beginning

  16. the fist two not the third because you are an american. thats why

  17. Is this compatible with xbox 360? Yes, I know, I am behind the times.. 🙂

  18. dude is totally fake, stop selling overpriced junk. Not cool

  19. In games like the firza franchise controllers are not as immersive but way more competitive than wheels.

  20. It's basically a lawn chair, and they don't last long.

  21. Your video are amazing and I want one please good luck. Amazon things are amazing

  22. One thing triggered me, he mounted the shifter the wrong way.

  23. After seeing “ bang bang good” and the horrible scripting I remember y I hit non interested it’s sad too because if he would just be natural and not force the horrific scrip it would be such a better vid / Chanel overall

  24. ok but like why did you have to click bait us ?

  25. the shifter is on backwards and he has basically no idea what is nice in sim racing

  26. i got the same seat………year later still like new

  27. the thing that baffles me is the fact for a sim racing setup cost, i could actually buy a whole car XD id get a steering wheel, pedals, shifter, gearbox, engine, chassis and even more lmao

  28. Is it actually good or not worth the effort please .

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