How to Build Sim Racing Cockpit Works with Any Game/Console

In today’s video I want to show you revolutionary invention 🙂 Simulator racing cockpit that works no matter which game and console you want to play! It has fully functional very sensetive steering wheel and 2 pedals Brake and Accelerator which also very sensetive! The best thins that all this simulator extremly cheap to buold, you can use cardboard and a few pvc pipes! After that install your tv and console! Pure satisfaction guaranteed 🙂

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  1. ALL these steering wheel youtube videos and ALL driving in external view? Is that cause it's easier? I find external view to be harder.

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  3. It's very good, but why Mercedes logo on the steering wheel?😅

  4. now, I need some craftmanship skill to build 3 of this and open a racing game cafe

  5. I would just go to the junkyard and get a real steering wheel off of a real vehicle and use that 😉

  6. It's easier to make it for a Wii or Wii U or Nintendo Switch because of the motion controlls. Does it work with the snes for super Mario kart too?

  7. Hears a tip set the controller to the controller steering wheel setting where you turn the controller it self to turn the car then take your regular steering wheel and tape it at the front and attach the wheel to some thing solid and now you got yourself a free steering wheel

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  9. Impressive! But the two-foot driving for just brake and gas makes me nervous….

  10. so nice invantion😍😍😍😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩🤩

  11. Where do you get your cardboard boxes from and what price ??

  12. This is the easiest way how to hack all games with one magic wheel 😊

  13. Ngl just go buy a logitech G29 then wasting ur time on this or just you the god damn controller


  15. Das ist so krass wie du das gemacht hast du hast ein Abo verdient

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