How countries land 😂 #shorts

*How different countries land a plane* 😂

Car game _Beamng Drive_

#cars #beamngdrive #shorts


  1. This was definitely made by a curry eater

  2. Why did you change russian flag it is disrespectfull to Russia. Russia should be respected

  3. Bro is 100% racist
    Also moon in Australia is upside-down (no joke )

  4. Bro had the ultra rare special LGBTQ+ parachute💀

  5. Ww1: wrong way
    Ww2: angry painter
    Ww3: offensive memes

  6. German Air: Vhat is zis airport?
    Nav: Moscow
    German Air: Oops old habit.

  7. Почему у России флаг поменялся на Свободную Россию?

  8. bro comitted 78 war crimes and has got the CIA, FBI, MI6, AAA, KKK, all coming for him and has done all of this in 60 seconds top g

  9. "OMG I Am Out Of Ammo What Do I Do?"

    "Hitohito: Son, You Are The Ammo"


  10. As an Australian I facepalmed as soon as i knew what it was and im pretty sure people from those other countries did too when they saw their country

  11. Bro arab airlines are normal were not terrorests its not us some ppl became terrorests and crash also WHAT THE FUCK WHY IS THERE 2 TOWERS ITS THE TWIN TOWERS BRO U CAUSED 9/11

  12. Russia went to free russia 💀💀💀

  13. Bro doesn't know how Russian flag looks like 🇷🇺

  14. RUSSIA AND SERBIA 🇷🇸🤝🇷🇺🗿

  15. You cringe
    You cringe
    You cringe
    Leaving in YouTube

  16. Bro i am from Pakistan but i don't care if anyone likes our country 🙂

  17. Yh ireland bc ryanair is irish and thats lies bc i went on ryanair and it was a perfect flight

  18. I’m mix between India and Pakistan, so I think we should give the two countries some freedom and justice for both.

  19. I am offended because I am an Arab and I fly on Arab airlines

  20. Nahhhhhhh Bro disrespected me

    Edit:im arab🇦🇪

  21. Guy:Why did you unsubscribe?

    Me:He calls arab terrorists

    (Btw im brazillian and stop calling arabs terrorists like palestine is not even a terrorist country or afghastan and yeah you lost a sub and im gonna report you)

  22. Bro 911 jokes aren't funny and if you say they are just a joke, then womp womp I'm not arguing with you😀

  23. Bro really played War Thunder for the video 😂😂

  24. That joke you made about Japan, don't do it. You will offend many. They will not mention it, however I will. It's INCREDIBLY inappropriate. I hope you realise that it was a last line of defence?

  25. Was your country in the video?
    👇 YES 👇 NO

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