Games meme 😂 #shorts

Games meme 😂

Car game _Beamng Drive_

#cars #beamngdrive #shorts


  1. Iphone players: i bought a bridge coz am RICH

    Me using i phone 3gs to play mario: im totally rich

  2. PlayStation Xbox windows Apple
    Nintendo sega Linux android

  3. kalilinux for hackers and programmers

  4. What did the gay people do ur saying no one’s gay 💀

  5. i thought nintendo would be a mariokart reference xd

  6. Android is Linux :/

    Android got Linux's back on this one

  7. this does not affect me cause ive been gay for my whole life

  8. Are we not gonna talk about how bro made 7 planks from one piece of wood and then went to negative 3 planks💀

  9. What is Linux???? Also I ain’t rich but I still will not crash because I also have a window 😎

  10. nah dont do linux like that. macbook deserves to crash

  11. bro im a chromebook sooooooo

    also i would be xbox

  12. Bro said n word players instead of android💀💀

  13. Y O U F O C K I N G B E A S T

  14. Bro dont even know what linus is 💀💀💀

  15. Fun n games till sum1 pulls out kali on a vm😅

  16. as someone who used to own an iphone not all of us are rich💃💃

  17. haha imagine caring about who people sleep with

  18. RUSSIA better than Ukraine wait how u exist if ur Ukrainian

  19. What if I play on Android and Windows?

  20. I’m literally an iPhone,Nintendo and Mac player

  21. I'm a
    Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite Player

  22. Bro just started a war against steam deck plqyers

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