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  1. Waamu Challenge Buy A Cheap Car Put Itz Value 0 And Then Bargain For 1 😂

  2. Audi R8 is good in price it gives you almost 700000 to 900000

  3. Bhai aap jua bhai khel sakte ho red bar par😅😊

  4. Bhai missing fleet smo 🤧🤧😭😭😭😭😭🫶🫶🫶

  5. Anshu Bhai pls play cities skyline game very nice game sir pls don't avoid sir

  6. Jo hammer hai use junk pe marna pad ta hai yani kharab gadiyo pe marna pad ta hai phir useme se junk nikalta hai

  7. fleet bhai ap ko ek bhat ba ta ni hai mare pas farerari hai ai game hai

  8. Fleet bhai supra nos ke sath 336 ja Rahi thi

  9. Ap kudh Bata ooo ka mastang ma ya Kitna kuh tha

  10. Bhai bar andar jaakar Kel kar paisa jeeto car for sale me

  11. Bro from where you buy this game plz tell and tell the price also

  12. Anshu bhai plmms play different games we all want to see right brommmzzz only 3 to 4 U play 😢 by the way love your contact putting too much pressure so playing different games makes easy right I'm a boy we all want to see u playing different games

  13. ❤bhai app apni car KO 10 lakh sale karo ❤

  14. Bhai you are see the cars bhiand(पीछे) side of auction shop

  15. Supraa top speed is 318 and
    Porche top speed is 300

  16. Baya (Beam NG DRIVE) game kelo baya super car offroad car sabi ka game ha baya kelo please🙏🙏🙏 kon kon dekna cha ta hai comment kardo

  17. I just Like Gamerfleet smiling every time 😊😊

  18. Supra 's top speed in this game is 336 KM/h which is more than Porsche 🗿🚀 ratatatatata 💥🔥

  19. All comments are : Lets vote for ignoring jack for 24 hour 😂😂😂

  20. Bhai fiyat abahat bahot mehengi bekti h kam se kam 3 lakh

  21. Supra is faster Supra is faster Supra is faster Supra is faster Supra is faster Supra is faster Supra is faster

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