Driving Through Mountain Roads #30 – Truck, Car and Boat – Android Gameplay

In this car simulator, you’ll be driving small cars, big cars, trucks, a bus, and even piloting a boat completing challenging tasks & missions!

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► Drive a diverse selection of cars, trucks, and other vehicles around a beautiful northern island! Complete a variety of missions & tasks, showing your pro driver skills!
▶ BEAUTIFUL NORTHERN ENVIRONMENT: Drive around an atmospheric island
▶ MULTIPLE TASKS TO ACCOMPLISH Drive, complete maintenance jobs.
▶ REALISTIC TRAFFIC & PEDESTRIANS: Immerse yourself in a small island town

Enter a beautiful northern island full of impressive vistas! Drive along a breathtaking shoreline and discover a busy local town! Get the full picture of the area using a great variety of vehicles that allow you to see everything the game has to offer from numerous different points of view.

You will get multiple different tasks to accomplish – it’s not only driving from point to point, but also collecting passengers along the way, doing maintenance jobs in the streets, and even fishing! Every one of them has to be completed within a time limit, but also safely and carefully!

You will be awarded a score based on the time spent on a task, but if you crash along the way all will be lost! You will have to replay the mission or use our handy time rewind feature to correct your mistakes and be on your way again.


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