Driving a Tesla with a ps4 controller!


  1. Nah that’s a gamestation double hit 4

  2. "With a ps4 controller?"

    shows afterglow ps3 controller

  3. Then put rudders on it and better windows so it can go underwater. Then put oxygen tank so you can breath. Bring 4 of your friends and go to titanic. Wait for the car to implode due to the high pressure

  4. Fake there is a guy in the Tesla you tell him to go and then stop that’s the prove

  5. That's a PS3 controller not PS4 this is fake I know it's fake

  6. Thats fake hes screaming GO GO GO!!! And theres somebody inside the car and hes telling them to go

  7. Plot Twist: the First video he was just flexing his controller and his Tesla 💀

  8. He jell for the man inside so he can here😅😅😅😅

  9. y’know, it would’ve been way more dope if the guy testing the dualshock 3 was able to prove that no one was in the driver seat prior to showing us that the controller is externally connected to the tesla.

  10. Why you always lying why you always lying stop f lying

  11. How did the first one who did this the car turned a bit and he just was pressing r2 the gas

  12. Bro took the sumurine to the next level💀💀💀💀

  13. Bob : Dad iam going yo play in my ps3

    Dad : Don't press rt in your controller ever again

  14. Bro that fake because he pushed the gas and did not go to the right so somone is driving it

  15. That Aint no ps4 controller, that is a GAMESTATION 4 CONTROLLER

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