Dangerous Approach of Two Aircraft – Air crash over Los Santos | GTA 5

A drunk pilot on an Airbus A320 fell asleep at the helm and collided with a Boeing 747. After the collision, the pilots tried to land the plane. Who did it, see the video.

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  1. orang indo ya kok pesawat nya garuda indonesia

  2. Please upload GTA V train crash tomorrow po?

  3. Aahh, very nice! Neat concept..crazy pilot is out drinking and makes a bad decision to fly..causes a mid air collision!
    The fire & smoke effects are amazing, now 🤩
    Thanks so much!

  4. You can be hired as a Director for a movie for sure….Great Cinematics Sir😍😍😍♨️♨️♨️

  5. Please upload GTA 5 train crash into airplane tomorrow

  6. nice vid as always keep up the great vids

  7. On January Sunday 12 2014 jet blue was out of control and garuda indonesia flight 549 it's engine fire and call the fire truck and ambulance and police car so the plane will emergency landing to flight and 25 passengers died and 7 crew members

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