COVER CARS In Racing Games

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0:00 Intro
0:15 The Need For Speed
0:45 Need For Speed II
1:00 Gran Turismo
1:30 NFS 3: Hot Pursuit
2:00 Gran Tursimo 2
2:15 NFS 4: High Stakes
2:45 NFS Porsche Unleashed
3:00 Gran Turismo 3
3:15 Auto Modelista
3:30 NFS Hot Pursuit 2
4:00 Tokyo Extreme Racer 3
4:30 NFS Underground
4:45 SRS
5:00 NFS Underground 2
5:15 Gran Turismo 4
5:30 Midnight Club 3
6:00 Juiced
6:15 NFS Most Wanted
6:45 Test Drive Unlimited
7:15 NFS Carbon
7:45 Juiced 2
8:00 PGR 4
8:15 NFS Pro Street
8:30 Race Driver GRID
8:45 Midnight Club L.A
9:00 NFS Undercover
9:30 Forza Motorsport 3
9:45 NFS World
10:15 Gran Turismo 5
10:30 NFS Hot Pursuit
11:00 Test Drive Unlimited 2
11:30 NFS Shift 2
12:00 Dirt 3
12:15 Forza Motorsport 4
12:30 NFS The Run
12:45 Forza Horizon
13:00 NFS Most Wanted 2012
13:30 GRID 2
14:15 NFS Rivals
14:45 Forza Motorsport 5
15:00 Gran Turismo 6
15:15 GRID Autosport
16:00 Forza Horizon 2
16:15 DriveClub
17:00 Assetto Corsa
17:15 Forza Motorsport 6
17:30 Need For Speed 2015
18:00 Dirt Rally
18:15 Forza Horizon 3
18:45 Project Cars 2
19:30 Forza Motorsport 7
19:45 Gran Turismo Sport
20:00 NFS Payback
20:45 The Crew 2
21:00 Forza Horizon 4
21:30 Dirt Rally 2.0
21:45 GRID 2019
22:15 NFS Heat
22:45 Project Cars 3
23:30 Dirt 5
23:45 Forza Horizon 5
24:30 GRID Legends
24:45 Gran Turismo 7
25:20 Outro

Hello guys,
Ahh the first thing you see about racing game, of course Cover on the box.
Which one os your favourite and which on is most icon cover and car?
Hope you like it.
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Enjoy 🙂

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Adobe Premiere Pro

Music: Skeler – ID

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  1. How did EA go from the fantastic sound design in the 2012 Most wanted to the trash that is Rivals?

  2. I like how save the Mazda RX Vision GT3 and the Porsche VGT for last. The Mazda is a great car to drive, but it makes a weird bass noise. The Porsche VGT is a cool car, it handles pretty well, and I love the whirring sound. The roadster version, on the other hand, not great. It drives like a pig.

  3. Wheres from Midnight Club 2 cover cars?

  4. The Zonda Cinque from NFS hot pursuit sounds so good.

  5. Need for speed: how fast and uncontrollable can we make a car go?Forza: how slow and controllable can we make a car go?Grid: I'm both of those except I don't know what the fuck I'm doing…

  6. if I remember correctly the cover car of gran turismo 2 is the McLaren f1

  7. how did you get gran truism 5 to look that good

  8. Man I used to think that the cover care were the best cars in the entire game

  9. I love how the first car is literally the low-res car

  10. NFS Underground and Underground 2 were literally the best games

  11. Man SRS was a trip, basically getting a striptease when you'd level up the girls enough. Honestly surprised it only got a T rating back then. One thing I wished NFS would incorporate would be some sort of relationship builder especially with the more underground style games

  12. What's the point in putting the boxart so small in the video? I can barely see it

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