COVER CARS In Racing Games

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0:00 Intro
0:15 The Need For Speed
0:45 Need For Speed II
1:00 Gran Turismo
1:30 NFS 3: Hot Pursuit
2:00 Gran Tursimo 2
2:15 NFS 4: High Stakes
2:45 NFS Porsche Unleashed
3:00 Gran Turismo 3
3:15 Auto Modelista
3:30 NFS Hot Pursuit 2
4:00 Tokyo Extreme Racer 3
4:30 NFS Underground
4:45 SRS
5:00 NFS Underground 2
5:15 Gran Turismo 4
5:30 Midnight Club 3
6:00 Juiced
6:15 NFS Most Wanted
6:45 Test Drive Unlimited
7:15 NFS Carbon
7:45 Juiced 2
8:00 PGR 4
8:15 NFS Pro Street
8:30 Race Driver GRID
8:45 Midnight Club L.A
9:00 NFS Undercover
9:30 Forza Motorsport 3
9:45 NFS World
10:15 Gran Turismo 5
10:30 NFS Hot Pursuit
11:00 Test Drive Unlimited 2
11:30 NFS Shift 2
12:00 Dirt 3
12:15 Forza Motorsport 4
12:30 NFS The Run
12:45 Forza Horizon
13:00 NFS Most Wanted 2012
13:30 GRID 2
14:15 NFS Rivals
14:45 Forza Motorsport 5
15:00 Gran Turismo 6
15:15 GRID Autosport
16:00 Forza Horizon 2
16:15 DriveClub
17:00 Assetto Corsa
17:15 Forza Motorsport 6
17:30 Need For Speed 2015
18:00 Dirt Rally
18:15 Forza Horizon 3
18:45 Project Cars 2
19:30 Forza Motorsport 7
19:45 Gran Turismo Sport
20:00 NFS Payback
20:45 The Crew 2
21:00 Forza Horizon 4
21:30 Dirt Rally 2.0
21:45 GRID 2019
22:15 NFS Heat
22:45 Project Cars 3
23:30 Dirt 5
23:45 Forza Horizon 5
24:30 GRID Legends
24:45 Gran Turismo 7
25:20 Outro

Hello guys,
Ahh the first thing you see about racing game, of course Cover on the box.
Which one os your favourite and which on is most icon cover and car?
Hope you like it.
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Enjoy 🙂

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  1. 1:07 wrong Skyline….it should be the R33 not the R32 if you look very VERY closely….otherwise do it again

  2. Ngl, M3 GT2 from Shift has a special place in my heart❤

  3. There are 2 diffrent "The Need For Speed" games???

  4. Driveclub is one of the best racing car game i ever played …. !!!

  5. Man auto modelista hasn't aged a bit visually. That artstyle is doing wonders

  6. I think Police Reventon is most recognizable cover car just next to M3 GTR in my personal thought

  7. That NFS World footage made me so sad. So many memories from back in the day

  8. Enjoyed watching this game, you did very well, hope you are having a wonderful day ✌

  9. Just informing you the car on the Gran Turismo 1 cover isn't a r32 it was a r33 with a supra and the car from gran turismo 3 is a crysler neon

  10. Man i love your vids, keep the awesome work!

  11. I like how he didn’t just get the main cover car but the other cars on the cover too

  12. From the Ferrari 512 TR to the Porsche Vision GT, it really has come a long way

  13. Awesome content my friend! Always have my support! I wish you a wonderful day!😃💯👍✨🎉

  14. Metropolis Street Racer on Dreamcast (the precursor to Project Gotham Racing on XBox) had an offbeat choice for a cover car, an Opel Speedster (plus a Fiat Barchetta).

  15. Everytime I see a cadillac escalade or a chrysler 300c I think of midnight club 3

  16. Imagine TDU3 with Forza engine and ACC sounds

  17. Didn't Prostreet cover car was Battle Machine RX7?

  18. How do u connect ur contentinterface to soft soft so u can record?

  19. The Street Racing Syndicate R34 will always hold a special place in my heart

  20. Myself as a kid used to believe that the fastest and the best cars are usually the ones at the cover of the game 😐

  21. Remember when the cover cars were the most OP cars in game that you just try so hard to get them?

  22. Video sugestion: Acura or Honda NSX in racing games, i love your channel, like from Brazil s2.

  23. nice video ! grid always has some very good visuals .

  24. The Porsche ev the vision gt3 are now cursed for being the cover cars of the worst gran turismo ever made

  25. Just_a_guy_who_plays_music_&_videogames_ says:

    23:16 What track is that ? This looks sick

  26. Ok besides Gran Turismo cause I’ve always been on XBox since the first one, I’m honestly blown away by how many of these games I’ve played 😂 it’s like I remember driving each and every one of the cars on here I see and I have so much compounded nostalgia rn

  27. You only did 1 car for the crew 2 but it had 2 cars on the cover

  28. The amazing video. Brutal work in your video 👏👏

  29. ah yes, v8 murci…
    also i like that the old gran turismo games went for rather normal cars compared to other games

  30. I dont see the Camaro from Bethesda Softworks : Hot Rod Magazine's Burnout Championship Drag Racing

  31. Never heard of Auto modellista but I imagine it's what the new NFS is gonna be like.

  32. Drifting in race driver grid was sick af i really loved it, awesome game that also did play very well on budget pc's from that era, with just a keyboard, it did feel pretty realistic tbh did play this game for years and still do sometimes when iam bored and have no clue what to play, still got it installed on my pc after al those years!!

  33. Gt4 and TX3 car choices are incorrect, they're special edition cars in the game not stock

  34. For the TXR 3 cover, both car are based on the real driver , MCR and Orimabu. U can get their car to make them as cover not by just stock car.
    Edit: Both are wanderer in game that need some requirements to get them

  35. The 350z from NFSU2 just sounds amazing. I'm currently replaying it and the audio of all the cars is chilling.

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