CityDriver – Is This NEW Driving Simulator WORTH BUYING?

Welcome to CityDriver, a brand new driving simulator which allows you to drive a variety of vehicles through Munich! This game has just been released and I’m going to be finding out whether it’s worth buying or whether it’s a complete DUD!


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  1. Copying a real car 1 to 1 into a game with only changeing the badge, won't help in any court. It's still completely a copy of the real design that everyone sees it as that one. Really useless at this point to only rebadge.

  2. Similar to any other aerosoft game. Unpolished, extremely limited, buggy, shitty physics and it will be abandonned after a while so they can release another trash cash-grab game.
    They have been in the industry for ages yet they still pushing the same shit everytime.

  3. Now this is a perfect game for me to use brother Che's instruction to see if they do work

  4. Hello good video, I have a question, will this game be released for consoles? like Xbox series s and others

  5. BeamNg is way Better
    But nice to have some competition

  6. Ow on earth did you get your wheel to be recognised in the game, I have a Logitech G29 wheel with pedals & shifter, but whenever I try to calibrate it in-game, the game for whatever strange reason doesn't even recognise my wheel. How did you get your wheel to work in this game?

  7. that does not sound like a ferrari
    this game looks like something early 2000s

  8. what model of your steering wheel bro?

  9. I highly recommend Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator as the best driving games out there. Not only can you drive normal cars by adding mods, but the mod communities offer a wide range of options to choose from, along with the big base game map (also with DLCs) and better mechanics that make for a truly immersive driving experience.

  10. You're the worst driver i've ever seen 💀💀

  11. Why the Mercedes logo is the Spear of Longinus? xD

  12. Volkswagen enthusiasts will notice the TDI tachometer in a TSI!

  13. Hey there!
    Sorry, I'm late.
    Thanks for the video, I worked with Drekkar Trans Company,( you may know us as "ETS2 company", since lots of players call us like that😅), and I have to say that it really costs a lot…
    Even though now for me it says that now it costs 25 euros… Probably they changed it?
    I think that now it's more affordable, I'll buy it and I'll try it!✌️😉
    From your video, I think it deserves a lot😊

  14. Guys, euhrmm……I like simulation games as much as the next guy, but instead of playing this, howbout you get in your car and go for an actual drive? It's just as fun, you can go wherever you want whithout beeing limited by a map and you can actually stop for a drink and some lunch, maybe take in a museum or something……

  15. Why do all these types of simulators look identical to each other? They all feel kind of, claustrophobic, and bland.

  16. This honestly looks like one of those unfinished HILARIOUSLY bad scam games that most people or small developers often release. The graphics look generic and nothing new, physics feel litteraly the same and i honestly don't feel like its worth it. I rather get the old game and download whole bunch of cars on it and have a good time.

  17. Overpriced but Good For me
    Can be also use for Driving Test

  18. Sound ist Trash.. die Autos sind auch keine Autos sondern Schiffe, bis heute ist nicht ein Update rausgekommen und diesen Wagen der ein Sport Auto sein soll wurde aus dem spiel entfernt.. das keine Car Simulation, es ist mehr ein Smartpohne Accarde Game

  19. Is there any Hybrid vehicles?

  20. Looks like I'll be sticking with City Car Driving. Wish it had some stretches of highway like this does though.

  21. So they’ve turned TramSim into this crap, earning money 2x with minimal effort.. nice what a joke..

  22. I miss the g27 layout so much. Especially the shifter

  23. this is so sick i live in munichnear the City Center and i recognized almost every street in this vid i need this game hahah

  24. It looks like a great product but is in development so should be 16 £ and 25 at the end. but it will be a good title soon…

  25. The graphics are a joke. Definitely not next gen. Probably a very poorly utilised Unreal Engine 4 like in many of these indie games.

  26. Nice vid , but my question is , this game is like similar to real life ? Like If I take my feet off the clutch too fast the car stalls? How accurate is this compared to real life?

  27. It has potential, the developers have an idea. Good engine en graphics is all they need now.

  28. They should've made the pedestrians magically jump out of the way at the last second like in Driver: San Francisco.

    I think the graphics are about my ideal for racing games where they're real enough but still look like a game. I prefer games looking like games over trying to look too photorealistic.

  29. Driving simulator doesn't mean focusing on physiics it teaches you to learn and follow on-road rules.

  30. charging money for dlcs that aren't even licensed… is just crazy

  31. I want a good driving sim that also has good physics
    is it too much to ask for sims to not look like they came out when I was in grade school

  32. for the price i think Euro Truck Simulator or American Truck Simulator with mods would be better

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