Cars vs Mud Hill Climb 😱 BeamNG.Drive

Hi! Cars are trying to drive up a big muddy mountain in the BeamNG.Drive game. SUVs, jeeps, off-road cars and trucks are trying to climb a steep hill. But after the rain, the dirt road in the forest was soaked, it became muddy and slippery. Let’s see in this video whether cars can go upstairs? By the way, each winner who overcomes an obstacle will receive a sports car as a gift.

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About the Game:
Beamng drive is a race car game that uses a soft-body physics engine. Every component of a Beam NG vehicle is simulated in real-time using mass points and beams. In addition, crashes feel realistic, as the game uses an incredibly accurate damage model. This early access game is not complete, but you can play it already now.

Beamng drive mods:


  1. The cars so cool and can u put me In a vid?

  2. Car VS the car for sale in London next week

  3. Сними видео гте машины падают в кеслату дачу и в воду

  4. Perfect 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍.

  5. I thoroughly enjoyed that. But I want to know also at the moment what that song at 1:14 is please cuz I actually found that really good?

  6. Big tv on Sunday morning and thank all

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