Cars vs Lava Crosses Road 😱 BeamNG.Drive

Cars vs lava river crossing road – BeamNG Drive
Hi! The volcano woke up and a river of lava from the crater went down the slope in the BeamNG Drive game. Lava crossed three roads and blocked traffic. Cars tries to pass the river of lava, but it is very hot and its flow is too strong. Will the cars be able to pass without damaging the wheels and without catching fire.
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About the Game: is a realistic race car game in witch uses soft-body physics engine. Every component of a Beam NG vehicle is simulated in real-time using mass points and beams. Crashes feel realistic, as the game uses an incredibly accurate damage model. This is early access game is not complete but you can play already now.

Beamng drive mods:


  1. Amazing video but why are the cars just lighting on fire not melting??

  2. 😰😲😯😮☹️🙁😟😧😨😰😢😭😱😖😣😞😓😩😫🥱😤😡😠🤬

  3. Ghbjhdfjfybvb y me dijo sección tu sabe klk 🔥😈🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 jajaaja si no se puede saber quién es pero no

  4. question: whats the map | comment: this would go great with saturn v model rocket mod( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) totally not big speed (actual comment: the 1812 Overture [Remix] would go great with saturn v model rocket

  5. Ammunition will melt and the active volcano melts into the EFFLORESCENCE

  6. meditation, relaxing, happiness music says:

    How do you make this video please tell me please tell me

  7. At least the windows didn't break on the Tesla truck.

  8. Looks like you got some really good normal maps on there. Great use of particles and lights, terrain paints. I tried editing the particles and somehow it deletes the data block. Making the new particle create not function. Something I got to look more into.

  9. No wonder why hot wheeles got the slogan hot whelle get it lol

  10. 0:36 He made it very smooth!✅
    0:56 He will explpde soon so no!✖
    1:26 Biiig nope!!!✖
    1:44 Atleast a spectacular fall!But no!✖
    2:11 They failed all!✖
    2:26 My fav car sadly failed tragically!✖
    2:47 Lambo failed with the police car!✖
    3:08 The hydrauliks did not help him!✖

  11. BeamNG van: “Firey lava means NOTHING to me!”

  12. The fire truck backed up the way I used to back up micro machines as a child. I just about died laughing

  13. Can you please send me the name of the game

  14. c'est un truc de ouf Cvfcdoekuv in tt la gluvojvogkilg il

  15. I like this, but dislike how the vehicles burst into flame after just touching the lava texture and their tires don't pop from the heat.

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