Cars vs Collapsing Bridges in GTA 5

It’s GTA 5.
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We’re playing GTA 5 custom races, these are the best stunt races in GTA 5, we’re doing wallrides, loops, skill tests, and more.
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  1. Universal galactic star that’s alive says:

    6:01 *wheeeeeeeezeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee*😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. Gray maybe I’m gonna make a board you can play just before i make it i want to know how much pain you want

  3. "Suck on that bush" – GrayStillPlays 2023

  4. Gray not driving backwards to ignore stop sticks was confusing.

  5. Why do I feel like Gray has done this challenge before?

  6. I like how the hood fell off in air at the end

  7. I dare you to eject out of an comercial plane and skydive into a small boat in the middle of the ocean and survive!

  8. As a floridian… you need to work more manatee references into your shtick…
    Camoflaged hippo? Please, a florida man would identify it as a manatee.

  9. Smears of blood across the asphalt; Gray's "I was here" signature


  11. Can’t we appreciate gray has 6.9 million subscribers

  12. It'd be so funny to see a challenge where ALL the cars can actually make it through but grey is unaware till the end haha

  13. I want a merchandise saying "I millionth times the charm" for real

  14. Y’all I think I was the 445k view- but in my tv…

  15. Raise your hand if you love grey videos 🖐️

  16. Happy Wheels and its bottle runs have infected Alex and GTA. What a time to be alive

  17. Can you do another video where you draw the GTA board?

  18. Tip for brake pads: drive backwards over them

  19. You know what Alex should do? Create a car based off all previous winning cars and create a board that recreates all the tests and see if it works

  20. You should play the long dark again if you don’t it’s fine its completely you’re decision love the videos

  21. When are you coming back gray? I turned into a dolphin

  22. Rizzyglizzy likes your balls 🏈 🏀 says:

    What if you do flappy bird even know you already have done it😂

  23. sup daddies first one to guess my age wins grey's YouTube channel

  24. The car that was just good enough to be a winner🤣😂

  25. I keep waiting for somebody to send you an absolute abomination of a bridge/slide that is virtually impossible, and ends with a teleport to a cage and a note telling you that the real exit is hidden just below the starting area and you could have finished the map in 10 seconds if you noticed it before going through all the trouble…

  26. How can I dm Alex ? I have an evil idea for a board but don’t want Grey to know in advance what it is.

  27. wating for a GREY STROKE on live stream

  28. I’ve watched your videos for years and you al ways seem to cheer me up so thank you for creating these videos.

  29. You know it's a good day when gsp uploads another video 😊

  30. I get he needs content but boy I get annoyed and irritated when he obviously picks the wrong car

  31. This channel went so far downhill the moment it went to GTA spam and Alex.

  32. A glorified happy wheels bottle run? /Grabs popcorn

  33. The first time you got to that bridge where that big giant boulder was chasing you I laughed hard when you turned around and screamed

  34. Can u use less bad words so that my mom doesn’t hear them?

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