Cars Full Walkthrough Game HD

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  1. Man why didn’t u drive more then 200MPH
    Mqueen in cars 1 is 220MPH
    Cars 2 250MPH
    Cars 3 198MPH

  2. Radiator Springs Grand Prix 0:59
    Radiator Cap Circuit 6:23
    Sally’s Sunshine Circuit 12:33
    Doc’s Lesson: Powerslide 19:12
    Tractor Tipping 27:08
    Lizzie’s Postcard Hunt 1 36:19
    Palm Mile Speedway 38:54
    Luigi to the Rescue (Level 1) 49:30
    Luigi to the Rescue (Level 2) 52:27
    Luigi to the Rescue (Level 3 Failed) 54:37
    North Desert Dash 58:26
    Boostin’ with Fillmore 1:05:13
    Sarge’s Bootcamp 1:12:17
    Sarge’s Off-Road Challenge 1:26:56
    Motor Speedway of the South 1:34:27
    Sheriff’s Chase 1:46:49
    Sheriff’s Hot Pursuit 1:53:20
    Mater’s Backwards Lesson 2:01:15
    Luigi to the Rescue (Level 3 Completed) 2:09:09
    Luigi to the Rescue (Level 4) 2:11:55
    Ramone’s House of Body Art 1 2:17:12
    Sheriff’s Hot Pursuit (Hooligans) 2:24:18
    Sheriff’s Hot Pursuit (Speeders) 2:33:33
    Ornament Valley Circuit 2:40:26
    Rustbucket Race-O-Rama 2:48:27
    Ramone’s House of Body Art 2 2:56:44
    Sun Valley International Raceway 2:57:11
    Doc’s Check-Up 3:05:05
    Sally’s Wheel Well Sprint 3:11:23
    Tailfin Pass Circuit 3:16:17
    Delinquent Road Hazards 3:20:37
    Monster Truck Mayhem 3:33:37
    Chick’s Challenge 3:40:27
    High Speed Heist 3:48:59
    Lightning Strikes Back 3:56:16
    Smasherville International Speedway 4:01:59
    Radiator Springs Grand Prix 4:11:15
    Tailfin Pass Grand Prix 4:22:36
    Ornament Valley Grand Prix 4:32:17
    Los Angeles International Speedway 4:39:56
    Final Cutscene 4:49:37

  3. Is everybody going to ignore the fact that one of lightnings fans said take a picture it lasts longer while ur facing the back of her 😐

  4. Bro, I remember playing this shit on the GameCube back when I just was 4 years into my current job right I have right now, this is so fucking nostalgic.

  5. Eu lembro que quando joguei esse jogo pela primeira vez no PS2, eu fiquei um pouco decepcionado, pois esperava que o jogo iria seguir a história do filme.
    Mas também, é legal que eles criaram uma história nova e original se passando logo depois dos acontecimentos do primeiro filme, isso foi interessante.

  6. I remember when I first played this game on the PS2, I was a bit disappointed as I expected the game to follow the story of the movie.
    But also, it's cool that they created a new and original story set right after the events of the first movie, that was interesting.

  7. I need to see this have the battle for bikini bottom treatment hell remake it and add new missions and characters from the other games and movies

  8. Does anyone else remember finding a super long jump across a canyon?? I can’t seem to find anything about it but I spent hours trying to make the jump with a messed up disc and was never able to do it…

  9. I never really cared for the missions or the races: I mean I would do them but I would always fail because I just wanted to take pit stops or cruise around radiator springs and try to drive over the side rails so I can get to my favorite scenes from the movie😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  10. I'm emotional right now after watching this because it brought back childhood memories that I enjoyed so much😭😭😭

  11. Всегда хотел поиграть в эту красивую версию игры, но я не знал что версии на xbox и ПК отличаются. Но я и играя на компе был счастлив.

  12. List Races Piston Cup Cars The Video Game
    41:15 Palm Mile Speedway
    1:35:04 Motor Speedway Of The South
    2:57:43 Sun Valley International Raceway
    4:03:29 Smasherville International Speedway
    4:40:44 Los Angeles International Speedway

  13. did anyone play this game with a steering wheel and some brakes thingy that you connect to ps2 or was it just me 😢

  14. I remember playing this when I was like 3

  15. I remember playing this game on ipad but why i can't find it now on playstore

  16. Why are so many people asking what the name of the game is???

  17. The App missions is a TreasureRace in Radiator Ornament Valley, the Skin is 2006 Cars 3 Mcqueen, Green Flame Mater and Dinoco Monster Truck Lightning. Piston Cup has the Kaktus Speedway.

  18. So people actually played missions? As a kid I would just push npc’s down a cliff next to the town

  19. I like to consider this game Canon in the Cars franchise

  20. The graphics remind me of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas.

  21. This is a really good game. I wish I could play it again.

  22. Why does this game look so much better than my steam copy?

  23. i remember as a kid, i would just roam around the town while making conversations in my head 😂 good ol' times indeed

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