Car simulator Vietnam || Toyota Vios City Car Driving || Car Game Android Gameplay

Car simulator Vietnam || Toyota Vios City Car Driving || Car Game Android Gameplay

Car Simulator Vietnam #1| Toyota Innova Sâm Sơn
Hà Nội Part 1

Car Simulator Vietnam 2020- Realistic Car
Toyota Innova Long City Drive – Android

Hello! Guys, What’s up? 🙋‍♂️ In this video, I am playing an exciting car simulator game. It’s called Car simulator Vietnam | Toyota Vios Car Driving 3D – Car Game Android Gameplay}. In this game, you will get to experience the life of a true car driver in Vietnam. You will get to drive all the new models of cars that are very popular in Vietnam. There are 2 different Models 1: Toyota Vios, & Toyota Innova. I personally like both. But, in this video, I am driving Toyota Innova On Village Road. Watch till the end, and I hope you will enjoy it. Thanks for watching…

Game Highlights
Car Simulator Vietnam (also known as CARSVN) will allow you to experience a true car driver in Vietnam honestly with the most popular 4-seat, 5-seat cars in Vietnam. MAP village Flood village, actual sea map in Vietnam. In order to accumulate experience and quintessence from previous games such as Truck Simulator Vietnam, and Bus Simulator Vietnam, it can be said that CARSVN is the most perfect game and the first and only car driving game series in Vietnam due to Web3o Technology manufacturing & distribution.

Here are some of the leading features of Car Simulator Vietnam:

– 7-seater, the 5-seater car is the most used in Vietnam.
– Open 4 doors, open the trunk of luggage, open the cover, wipers, …
– Especially the panoramic sunroof opening feature.
– Smart Key remote electronic lock feature.
– Features folding electric mirrors like cars in real life.
– Transporting passengers, luggage in vehicles …
– MAP of flood villages and actual sea maps in Vietnam.
– Pull and release the Hand brake.
– Horn on the steering wheel with 4 different trumpet modes sounds like a real car
– There are Mini MAP, GPS directions map
– Turn off the engine, start the engine, turn signals, flashlights, headlights, lamps in the cabin, …
– Save the game playing process.
– Change the color of flexible car paint with many paint colors such as Taxi Mai Linh, Taxi Vinasun, Taxi Group, black, white, red,…
– Change seat position flexibly in the cabin.
– Very easy and intuitive control with 4 modes: Steering wheel, keyboard, tilt sensor
– Changing the license plate as you like is very realistic and flexible
– High quality and detailed 3D graphics
– Change the weather as you like: it is rainy, sunny, dark
– Need 2 modes: manual and automatic
– No advertising
– Achievement Board
– Take pictures in the game and share them on social networks

With the release of Car Simulator Vietnam in late 2019, it marks a turning point after a year of releasing two Truck & Bus Simulator Vietnam games in 2018 & 2019, and we will always update MAP, new cars, and more. New to the game and improve the player experience. Do not miss this super product? Download and play Car Simulator Vietnam now!

Car Simulator Vietnam


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