Car Simulator 3D – Modified Car Parking and Driving Game – Car Game Android Gameplay

Car Simulator 3D – Modified Car Parking and Driving Game – Car Game Android Gameplay

Car Parking 3D: Modified Car in the City Park and Drift is completely renewed. New modified options, and new city, and multiplayer game modes are added. Parking in the city, drift, racing against time and many more new missions are added. Complete parking in the huge city, drifting, and other missions or drive your modified e46 car in the new free-roam map. Experience the nostalgia of classic road rash characters Sega game right from your browser! Dive into a world of retro gaming with extensive library of Sega titles available to play online. Relive your favorite childhood memories and discover new favorites at Sega Games Online.
MODIFICATION OPTIONS and GARAGE: Improve your car’s performance with performance and nos upgrades. Beautify your car with rim, color, window tinting, spoiler, roof scoop, and exhaust options. Adjust suspension height and camber. You can change your car’s plate or you can write your name on the plate. Also, you can add any bass system you want in your car’s trunk. You can control your car’s park lights, fog lights, high and low beam headlights and you can change the color of LED lights. All of the controls of the car are under your control. You can turn on and turn off TCS ABS ESP and SH. You can adjust the rev limiter, delayed gear shifting, and clutch threshold.
CAREER MODES AND FREE MODES: Collect the stars in five different modes and customize your car with the awards you win. Complete the parking, drifting, and racing against time missions. Improve your driving skills with 430 levels. Step on the gas, drift, and jump ramp on newly added maps. Also, you keep earning money in the new free-roam mode too.
PARKING IN THE CITY MODE: Experience parking your modified car in new parking lots in the city that has high detailed buildings and bridges. Modify your car with your earnings. It’s easy to find your destination in the city with the new navigation features. Also, you can switch to an interior driving camera.
DRIFT MODE: Earn drift point by sidestepping with your modified car. Increase your drift score by hitting bonus drift point and drift multiplier. Collect stars and complete levels by reaching 3 tier goal points. Burn your tires by sidestepping with your realistic modified car in the city. Try not to hit other cars in the traffic and other objects.
TIME RACE: Reach the final destination on time. Follow the lines on the ground to find the goal. The less accident you make, the more stars and money you will earn. You can obtain the 3 stars without hitting. Reach the final flag on time and earn the reward.
PARKING MODE: Complete 214 levels from easy to hard in the parking lot and improve your driving skills. The hardest levels in the driving simulation are in the advanced levels of the parking mode. You will earn more money by completing the levels.
PLATFORM MODE: Reach the goal without hitting compelling platforms. Complete the level bypassing ramps and small spaces.
DESERT, HIGHWAY, and AIRPORT: Drive your car as you wish in the newly added free modes and earn money. Use the ramps to collect the money on the high points and reach the reward points by stunting in ramps. Collect money by going over the hills in the desert. Reach the maximum speed by pushing the limits of the car in highway mode. You can go to the garage for maximum speed and acceleration upgrades to reach higher speeds. Drift between the flights in the airport and collect money. Experience acrobatic driving, high speed, and adrenalin in the free.
FREE CITY MODES: Drive in the newly added huge and high detailed city as you wish. Drift and wreak havoc without hitting the cars in traffic. Drive over bridges, on the streets, and in parking lots.



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