Buying The Best Car For 10 Million Dollars! – Car Dealership Tycoon Roblox

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  1. a lil critic here something that annoyed me at 19:09 is that is not the most expensive car in the game theres a car witch costs at least 25m or 37m depends on when you bought it but its unoptainoble

  2. Remember Mayrushart Play This A Long Time Ago This Is Why U A Legend ❤Keep Up The Good Work

  3. I have a question how do I pronounce your channel name is it May rush art or something else

  4. Pls mayrushart more video about Car dealership and challenges in game

  5. „Now we are a popo“ had me laugh bc popo means in german a$$

  6. Did u guys knew may recorded this a few days ago bc if u look closely the limited porsche is still there

  7. Why were all the cars going faster than they said they were meant to go

  8. I wanna ask you a question you didn't buy money with rl money right?

  9. I want a all star tower defense part 2 please ill even send a 29 Dollar robux gift card to ur PO box if u have one

  10. Good work on your vids you have been working good lately so im giving you a raise im going to sub on my sisters crome book to

  11. Mayrushart you missed a lot of things, as far as I remember, you could get for passing the events: 1 drift car (149k), 1 racing car (6750000) and many other cars, and also there are a lot of codes in this game, you can see a lot of people show these codes on the Internet

  12. Greetings,

    i loved the video, however i have a tip for newer players : when you make a lot of money, let's say 150K, buy a car that is as close as 150K (or whatever amount), instead of just buying tons of less performant cars that you won't drive anymore the more you are advanced in the game, for example me having 196 cars, i don't drive all 196, often just bugattis and sometimes koenigseggs, which represents roughly 12 cars.

  13. I love this game and it's nice to see a big creator like yourself play this
    Great vid 😁


  15. btw the most expensive car is not for 10mil its for 37mil the Bugatti bolide

  16. what happend to your other account were you played in 2020 or 2021 where you bought the car for 7.5 million?

  17. May can I get a huge pet in psx my birthday is in 2 days

  18. I love this game and it's nice to see a big creator like yourself play this

    Great vid 😁

  19. yuh blud is literally buying money for robux instead grinding


  21. man I’m so happy that may did another one of these.

  22. You could also do races bro in the next grinding video I hope you will also race for money because just driving around is a slow progress but I hope you will do races tho

  23. What happened to the account from a few years ago?

  24. Bro put the absolut (1000rs gamepass car that is 12 million) and said it 10 million and not a gamepass ☠

  25. Uf you end car dealership, why you didnt end like drive empere or Greenville? (Why not?)

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