BUSTED! In Racing Games

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Mods used in this video:

Project Unite 2015 –

Project Unite Heat –

NFS Payback Debug

Legend Cars Mod Pack –
Sound Replacement For Takum1 Car Mod –


BMW M3 GTR In Racing Games –

NITROUS In Racing Games –

NISSAN SKYLINE R34 GTR In Racing Games –

DRIFTING In Racing Games –

TOYOTA SUPRA In Racing Games –

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Mazda Rx7 In Racing Games –

Racing Games Evolution –

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NFS Evolution –

Need For Speed Heat –

0:00 Intro
0:15 The Need For Speed
0:30 NFS 3: Hot Pursuit
1:20 NFS 4: High Stakes
2:00 NFS Porsche Unleashed
2:15 Burnout 2
2:30 NFS Hot Pursuit 2
3:30 NFS Most Wanted
4:50 Test Drive Unlimited
5:10 NFS Carbon
6:10 Midnight Club L.A.
6:50 NFS Undercover
9:35 NFS Nitro
9:50 NFS World
10:05 NFS Hot Pursuit / Remastered
10:40 Test Drive Unlimited 2
11:05 Driver: San Francisco
11:20 NFS The Run
11:35 NFS Most Wanted 2012
11:50 NFS Rivals
12:15 The Crew
12:30 Need For Speed 2015
12:45 NFS Payback
13:05 The Crew 2
13:20 NFS Heat
13:55 Outro

Hello guys,
Original video is my popular video on this channel and now more than 3 years later I decided to remake it. Of course NFS still dominates this category and in my opinion Undercover is undisputed champion (this time I included even more Busted Scenes). Midnight Club L.A. and TDU series has their own unique take, but I’m a little disappointed with The Crew. Hope you like it.
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Enjoy 🙂

My PC:
CPU: Intel i7 9700k
Gpu:GeForce RTX 3070
Ram:32 GB 2666Mhz
HDD:1,5 TB
SSD:500 GB
SSD nvme m.2: 500 GB
Edit in:
Adobe Premiere Pro

Music: Skeler – ID

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  1. Hot Pursuit 2 was a visual jump back in the day. And I always felt Undercover was over the top with busting since the guy is a cop himself.

  2. I reson I hate nfs undercover becus I don't really like the busted since too way to much brutally Ea need to clam down

  3. The cops: your under arrested
    Me: ok but don't take my dodge viper srt 10


  5. NFS Heat honestly kinda had a vibe and decent work on a lot of point, busted scenes are kinda simple but it's more graphics and has a little vibe to my eyes

  6. wow i wish they brought back the older busted cut scenes there so different

  7. I played nfs heat, some bull happened when a cop sideswiped me, no crash, just a swerve and busted. Lost a quarter of my money, i deleted the game after about an hour in.

  8. In nfs carbon you can see the face of player many times but it’s very short

  9. 3:40 … well i already kinda knew which exact busted scene would be first for MW…… the classic.

  10. I love how NFS has the cops driving around in corvettes and GTR’s like they can afford them

  11. 9:20 just relaxing and eating donuts and threw it at my face

  12. Only need for speed most wanted 1 😍😍😍👌

  13. I used to play NFS Hot pursuit the 2010 version and some TDU2. These two where the best games of my early childhood

  14. Everybody gangsta until the supercar got passed by Victoria💀

  15. Old NFS cops: politely ask and give him a violation slip

    MW, Carbon, Undercover: no questions ask and brutally murder the driver

  16. Bruh the high stakes cop was so chill tho like wtf

  17. Bruh the carbon one at 6:00 smh

    Fucking traffic cop over here really had to judo flip him like that knowing damn well he post to be cleaning the parking meter the homeless guy jerked off on😂

  18. Fucked up that midnight club LA cops are still nicer than actual LA cops

  19. Undercover cops be like : hi welcome to jackass

  20. I miss the days when you could cause 80 million dollars cost to state in 10 mins just to get punched in the nuts and flipped like a ragdoll by a dominatrix 😭😭

  21. 9:30 That cop threw that doughnut at him lmao 😂😂😂😂

  22. NFS Undercover: Police beats the shit out of the driver

  23. Вывод: мост вантед 2005 лучше почти всех

  24. 8:04 noo my nissan gtr police make skyline gtr fanboy heartbreak

  25. Modern game not have more busted scene like old..what a shame

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